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  1. Here is what I did to get it on to 5.1.1, below link!.. http://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/376630-~-grab-them-now-~-official-uk-and-ireland-511-ota-file-downloads/#comment-2269615
  2. Sightly cheaper here on ebay --> http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/262096961786?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=560869985485&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I'm using one of these and does the job for now, it makes managing the phone a lot more manageable as I have no more fears of dropping it while I have it in one hand mode!.. I also got a plastic screen protector with this case but it's a complete useless one which didn't stick the screen and when I put it on left too many bubbles, so I scrapped it as I initially thought of it when I first laid my eyes / hand on it!..
  3. For me it's very temperamental as well!.. Approximately 1 out of 5 tries it works but only with triple tapping sometimes quadruple tapping is needed on the main screen, however, I found that triple tapping the home capacitive button works most of the time ( around 8-9 times out of 10 ), it's rare but double tapping the button works, but again it quite rare that this works on the home key!.. I do however have a glass screen protector put on it, which might be the cause for concern as it was put on the phone before I was able to update to 5.1.1 and I didn't try the tap to wake function until I activated it so have no experience of comparing the difference on it for whence it was on 5.0.1!.. Any ways, hope my suggestion helps with your tap to wake issue!.. My 2pence worth done...
  4. Yeah, I'm on UK 5.1.1, just weird how Vodafone implemented some of the functions, wished they'd just left most of that stuff to the way of stock Android has it like with Motorola has with their Moto line ups, shame really!.. Would be nice to see CM12.1 ( 13 would be even better but just pipe dream these days I guess ) come to this device as it's just the best aftermarket custom Android ROM ( much better than stock IMO ) I've used...
  5. No it's not normal, when selecting a different tone there is an option at the top of the list for more tone options where it shows all of your alarms, notifications, & ringtones on one massive list, which IS not normal to me!.. I've placed each type of tone in their respective folder on the sdcard root and still, no app sees those tones in the initial list pop up wherever I put my tones, which is very odd in deed!.. EDIT: this is what I mean by different from the image below...
  6. Never mind!.. I can see how this stock ROM implements the tones system... Very unusual I must say!..
  7. As the title asks, where do I place them so that I can use them for all my apps to find?.. Thanks...
  8. @BlueMoonRising Thanks for the mention, 1up for you dude!.. :D Any ways, I only wanted to have UK 5.1.1 as it seems to have less bloatware which leaves me less to uninstall after a factory restore... Yes, it's a shame that the Dolby app / feature is only speciafically available on the Turkish 5.1.1 ROM but it really doesn't matter to those that rarely use their SU6 for music or video watching through their earbuds which I'm one of!..
  9. YEAH BABY!.. 5.1.1 now working!.. Now, need to factory reset and set my SU6 up properly!.. Much appreciated for the 5.1.1 update upload @macbreakweeklyfan!.. Thanks...
  10. Flashed in stock recovery back to M03c then flashed to UK_MR01d and finally / eventually flashed this, not sure how though!.. Shall be waiting for the reboot to finish and boot in to 5.1.1, hopefully... Fingers crossed!...
  11. Tried that and changing the file to update.zip, Current OS isn't seeing it!..
  12. Oh yeah btw, where do I place this .up file within the internal storage?.. Thanks...
  13. Update crashes on me within recovery mode with the 2 times I tried flashing it!.. Anyone here got the answer to updating this on my SU6 please?.. I think I've got the UK_MR01b firmware as I flashed that on top of full UK03c firmware...
  14. The link above to the post with link on XDA is not for 5.1.1 it's for 5.0.2, but I wanna know is this the update fix firmware version?..
  15. I got the deal when it was £22.99 but I'm still awaiting shipment confirmation of my chromecast though...
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