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  1. Hello, today I got a new Jiayu 3GN and I flashed this rom. Everything seems to work ok except for the GPS. The GPS also didn't work for me with the stock ICS that came with the phone. With the "GThriil 3GN" rom when I went outside with "gps test" it took me like 4 minutes just to see 5 "in view" satellites but got no fix. can anyone confirm GPS is working with this rom or did I get a defective phone? Also I have no "Google Talk", does anyone know how do I get it? (It can't be found in Play store).
  2. hetz

    ZTE V970 Review

    Does the V970 has a 2-way call recording feature like the ZTE blade has? On the blade you have a record option in the ZTE dialer
  3. Would any of these Chinese MT6577 phones ever get custom roms like the ZTE blade has here on Modaco?
  4. Thank you so much KonstaT for this amazing super rom. If you are going to release further updates is there any chance you are going to integrate rVoix into it? This rom is able to make 2-way call recording so I figure that maybe it's possible (rVoix was integrated in the Bladeginger Nagaruku rom but was a bit "buggy" there) Thanks.
  5. Encoding the audio in the format you advised solved the problem. Thanks you so much HiDra. Now I can ditch the carrier's stupid voicemail.
  6. Is anyone using the rVoix software that comes with this rom? The 2-waycall recording works great with it but there is a problem with the autoanswer feature. One issue is that It doesn't let you record a "voicemail message" that will be played when a call is auto answered. Second issue is when I tried to "manually" load an audio file (by putting it in the "/sdcard/voix/sounds/" folder) the sound comes out sounding totally distorted once the call is auto answered. if the caller can't hear the audio clearly then autoanswer is totally useless because he won't know that he is suppose to leave a message. (and I tried MP3 files, WAV, even AMR, nothing worked). Did someone manage to use the rVoix autoanswer ?
  7. Started long time ago with cm7 (was full of bugs back then) Then switched to GSF which was really good. Then mmhmp came out which was even better. But now I use BladeGinger-Negaraku which is just awesome. (but it is not on the list, don't know why) Will there be an "official ZTE" ICS for the blade sometime in the future btw? (not cm9 I mean)
  8. Then maybe something is wrong with my osf, but I know for sure that the minimum value for auto brightness on other roms is higher. For me it's hard to read the screen when brightness is close to 0%, but I just switched to manual setting of 20% and I switch to auto brightness when I'm outdoors. And btw on rls 2.3 auto brightness was not good and this was fixed in 2.4. It says so in the change log.
  9. Auto brightness is way too low now in a dark environment, close to 0% I think. Really puts a hurt on the eyes trying to read anything in such low brightness. I think the minimum value for auto brightness should be at least 20%. But maybe it's low in purpose to get longer battery life. Other than that this is by far the best rom I've used so far. rvoix software is just awesome. just wished the auto bright was like it's on gsf and mmhmp.
  10. I have 2 issues with the WIFI in this rom (and also with the gingerblade nagaruku rom): Even though I've set the wifi policy to "NEVER" sleep, the wifi connection drops and disconnect completely when the phone is unplugged from the charger. Second issue is that the while using the phone, wifi connection drops for a few seconds and then automatically reconnects after a few seconds. this seem to happen in a random way every certain amount of time (approximately every 30 minutes while using the phone). I didn't have these issues with the Ginger stir fry rom (and it's the same phone and same wifi access point). Any idea why is it happening ? really don't want to go back to GSF because this rom is much faster. Just tried with a different wifi access point and it didn't disconnect. I guess this problem is specific to my DD-WRT ap.
  11. Is there any way to make the "auto brightness" brighter when the phone is in a very bright environment (like outside with bright sunlight) Even when I put the phone directly under a lamp I think the "auto brightness" doesn't increase enough. When I did this test with previous roms I had like GSF and Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain I think the brightness went up to almost 100%. On the other hand battery life in this BladeGinger-Negaraku seems much better. Any way I can set a custom value for the auto brightness to go up to 100% in a very bright environment? Thanks.
  12. I also had this issue. I calibrated the proximity sensor using using the ZTE emode helper app and it fixed it. Just a few hours now with this BladeGinger-Negaraku RLS2.3 rom, and so far it looks just perfect. Good job!
  13. Just moved to this RLS6 from GSF B25, and it's for sure much better. The only thing that's an issue for me so far is that the "back" button LED notification green light doesn't blink when notifications arrive (like a new mail for example). Is that disabled on purpose? And is there any way to enable the LED notification blinking? Thanks. Just noticed that the LED notification is blinking but only when the phone is unplugged from the charger. when it's charging there is no blinking. Is that way it's suppose to be? In GSF it was blinking while it was charging.
  14. Is this ROM any better than the GSF one? I have GSF B25 for quite some time now and I'm more or less happy with it (though it sometimes gets "laggy" and I think at least the games run smoother on CM7). Will upgrading to this one bring a substantial performance boost over GSF ? Thanks.
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