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  1. Good job, I had 1.3 and just went straight to 1.5 using cwm fresh install. Works better. Keep it up.
  2. Orange San Francisco is a great phone and you can get it even cheaper as an existing orange customer.
  3. 1. Good news is that it can't (I took a risk and tried it). 2. Probably is actual phone storage size at the moment - I'll have to look at it & will need to root it to get Angry birds on SD. Seems a good little phone so far & is doing the job well. Quite happy.
  4. I also had the problem of no market, but it works (intermittently) after a reboot - no need to reflash.
  5. You'll see from my profile that I have a Vega, and I have put honeycomb on it. However, it is too expensive to give to a 6-year old prone to destructive tendancies! The ZTE racer I got is a nice little device. Couple of questions for anyone who knows: 1. It has no SIM - does that mean it cannot make emergency calls? 2. Most apps can be installed from market, but angry birds will not. Is this because of no SIM, or no SD card (it has neither)? Thanks!
  6. Gets quite warm... must be the overclocking. Power button can only force close if the vega sleeps. Market won't install. My dad kept bees, the honeycomb cells aren't all hexagons... depends on space issues. Look and feel are awesome.
  7. Note that the windows version should just be clicked - did not work if right click and do run as administrator.
  8. Do you mean this: http://android.modaco.com/content/advent-v...asy-install-v2/ As search for the above returns nothing. Edit - should say that this is an excellent guide - I got vegacomb running now! Minor point, after flashing, you have to click back once to get to the menu to reboot.
  9. I followed the instructions here and got it back to factory mode, so I think it wasn't the cable after all, but something in the corvus 8.
  10. How do you know which mode you are in & how do you change it?
  11. I've been using my Vega for browsing & also as a development machine to write the odd android app. The other day I plugged it into the PC via the USB-USB cable it came with and nothing happened - no recognition, nothing. I tried on a different machine and different OS's, with zero response from anything. The USB port on the Vega still seems to work as I can plug in a USB keyboard to it successfully and also it will power my mobile phone. Oddly, PC world don't stock USB-USB cables and when I went to the specialist PC shop they didn't have any either. They did say that you can get them on ebay, but there are 2 type, a bog standard type and a special computer network type. What type do I need, or am I missing something spectacularly obvious (not USB debugging tick-box, tried that). Thanks in advance any advice!
  12. Thanks! Got a zte racer for £45 on ebay. Will update when it arrives and we've tried it out.
  13. Dixons duty free in Dublin airport had them for €200, which is well under £200. Trouble is you need to fly out of Dublin to get one!
  14. The autistic child is my 6 year old son, who loves playing Angry birds and kid's paint games on my Android devices (phone and tablet). He presently has a Nintendo DS, but being autistic, these devices have a pretty brief shelf life in my house before a hinge is snapped or worse. Also the games are too easy to take out and eat/lose. A second hand NDS is about £40. I think an Android device for gaming would be better as it has no hinge to break, and the games are internal and free. What device should I get for him? To recap, criteria are: 1. No hinge/breakable bits. 2. Will play "Angry birds". 3. Cannot make calls (otherwise the emergency services will blacklist us). 4. Cheap, because he will break it eventually. I don't care if it is second hand, and I am pretty familiar with Linux and Android so have no fear about modding or installing or whatever might need done. Thanks in advance!
  15. Great work. My first post here and it's to say that I've donated to you guys.
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