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  1. It's Go Weather with an orange theme. The theme is available within the app for download.
  2. Since today is Sunday (lots of spare time :D) I played a bit with the look of my SGS2.
  3. I think the original post has a mistake. As far as I know all SGSII ROMs are EXT4. I presume it's a copy-paste mistake, it's nothing big, but got me thinking for a second.
  4. I bought LG2X today, but I did so only because the LG was irresistably cheap (350EUR brand new with 2year warranty). As an LG2X owner I will say that if you have money for SGSII go for it. Generally LG2X is not a bad phone, I even love it (coming from Nokia N8 :unsure: ), but it is just inferior to the SGSII.
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