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  1. i tried to search for this "ZIP Edify compatible (CWM)" but i didn't understand what is supposed to be done, how do i install this rom on a Liquid MT with stock rom? thanks in advance and sorry for the noobice! edit: i've done it using clockwork recovery 5.0, still don't know what "ZIP Edify compatible (CWM)" means though!
  2. it does appear in the devices and say it needs formating but i can´t format it or do anything, chkdsk also gives error, didn't try fsck though.
  3. Hello, yesterday when i tried to look at my liquid mt it was turned off, when trying to boot it it would always freeze at the boot animation. so after removing my simm card i was able to boot it but it said the sd card was empty. now i can boot the mt even with the sim card but the sd card continues to be corrupted, it is not recognizes even on a pc or anywhere else. so could the mt cause this to the sd card? or did the sd card fail and cause the liquid mt to show that strange behavior?
  4. i believe it is a much deeper problem than the rom. my acer liquid mt also can't connect in UM campus in Guimarães never could with any rom, but my firends phone with android can using the same configs. but in the sports building near the students residency i am abel to connect. from what i researched it had to do with some verification that the router sends back to the phone and some of the misinterpret this. i am not an expert.
  5. i have installed gingerounay 3.0 but the phone hangs at the animated gif at boot. edit: i unplugged the MT from the pc and it is now working
  6. where do i find the .bin file to flash with acer download tool? edit: done
  7. whenever i try to install this it says i don't have enough internal memory available, even though i have 115MB free
  8. i have the same problem, any suggestion?<br><br>"Comparing, Original Ver: 3.016.00 New Ver: 3.026.01<br>SD Image Download Procedure... Failed LANGUAGE_MISMATCH "<br>
  9. so do i meke titanium backup of everithing, flash, ad2sd on and then restore? or should i format ext2 partition before restore?
  10. great work vache, thanks. i have a lot installed in ext2 partition, how can i move to this rom while keeping all the apps? just using titanium or theres more to it?
  11. you should be more specific, that is a very generic question. think of what do you want to know exactly and search to see if it hasn't been answered before.
  12. Great, maybe I will try it tomorrow.any noticeable improvements over last leak?
  13. let's just hope we can take advantage of it. on gingerounay 1.2 angry birds lags in my liquid mt!
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