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  1. Finally got the update, tried the reset touch screen so we will see how it goes. If it's a case of needing to do that whenever it goes I'll be taking it back
  2. I'd be interested to see the price, other than boomsound, the better cameras and the metal body it is very similar spec wise to the moto g 4g, if it's double the price like the old one was you've got to really want those features to pay that much more.
  3. Just curious, but does anyone else's hudl always say last checked on January 1st 2014? It I check it changes to the time but leaving and going back in to check again it always reverts to January 1st
  4. I think this is a great move by Motorola, the moto g was a budget favourite but to add 4g and micro SD makes it even better, had they made the battery removable it really would have covered all the issues people had with it
  5. didn't three change their terms when they changed the monthly plans to include 0800 numbers. I thought they now let you do what you like with data including tethering if you was on a capped plan, tethering restrictions were now only on plans with unlimited data
  6. are those of you suffering from an unresponsive screen in one corner using a case with magnetic clasp? I've had the problem regularly but tonight took the case off and haven't had it once since. No other changes just took off the case. I've been using the official folio case with the fold over magnetic clasp, I'd be interested to see if anyone else resolves the issue this way as well
  7. Old thread I know, but ovivo have put out a message tonight that they are to close down effective immediately
  8. I know it's an old thread but it's just a heads up to those that ordered from B&N directly. They seem to have charged me for my nooks again in November, spoke to the credit card company and it's apparently not just me so those who ordered directly it might be worth double checking your statements and informing your bank if they've done it.
  9. They were selling it earlier, must have sold out though, not surprised at that price really
  10. Just played quickly with the ones in the Sunbury tesco extra, one had completely crashed and the other one was when I got there but I pressed the power button and it cleaned itself and was fine afterwards. By fine I mean in that rubbish demo mode that only let's you watch videos about the app you tried to open. I did look at other tablets and this seemed the norm in their store. At least some stores have a proper demo unit if you ask
  11. Sounds like their shops then, weird though as I only had very good experiences with tesco mobile, I'd go as far as saying they were the best network I've ever dealt with. It would be fine as a backup service if you were using mobile broadband around the home
  12. That's pretty good, wonder what their usage cap is, will it be use what you like on blink box but watch Netflix and we'll cap you
  13. It is largely stock, other than the tesco bloat and the T shortcut on the bar it is plastic android. Really is a steal if you shop in tesco week in week out anyway, £60 of club card vouchers is achievable, much worse things you could spends the points on once you have them
  14. I'd suspect at that price it's only 1gb of ram, would explain the lack lustre performance being reported if it is. Still £120 for a quad core tablet, I can see this selling quite well to parents in time for Christmas
  15. you'll need a 4g phone, chances are your current one won't be as without 4g being available no networks were really selling the devices until recently. I like the idea but unless the nexus 5 packs three compatible 4g and matches the nexus 4 price I don't think I'll be hopping on the 4g bandwagon any time soon, really not passing £500 for a new phone when the nexus 4 is still good enough for my needs
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