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  1. My hard buttons aren't working, so i'm in desperate need of a tpt with cwm touch included and I can't figure out how to make it myself. Any sugestions?
  2. So, I've dusted off my blade as my other phone broke and decided to flash 4,3. I saw that 185mb system was required, so I tpt'ed. The biggest problem is that neither back nor home buttons work, so I can't operate the cwm version which came with the tpt. I tried replacing the recovery.img file with touch cwm .img file for fastboot use. I've also tried using fastboot, but drivers don't install correctly on my win8 pc. So the question is: is there any way to make a tpt using my pc to include touch cwm?
  3. Dude, smartphones are called smart because they have an app to solve every problem you face :D And yes, what the guy above said. There are loads of sms backup apps
  4. I think he means if you're listening to music with headphones, system sounds ( calls, messages, notifications, etc.) play on the phone's speaker, not the headphones
  5. Dude, read the rules, you are tripple posting. If you want to add something, edit your previous post, don't make a new one ;)
  6. this is only a simple port with the Konstat's cm10,1 as base, only without konstat's rom's features. So if you want this rom to fit in to our community please work a bit on its compatibility and stability
  7. Home and menu buttons don't work at all, only back button does. When turning the screen off the display rotates 180 degrees for a second. Also, what partition size is required?
  8. Bluetoothand wifi seem to both respond very slowly if I turn them on. In ICS bluetooth took no time to turn on and wifi wasnt as slow either. And as mentioned in the post above, if I turn my phone back on(or reboot) with wifi on, it takes even more time to startup
  9. there is some sort of a program if my memory is good. You should find it somewhere in modaco or in xda
  10. Will you include the fix for watching hq videos and hw decoding as you did in your cm9 kang?
  11. What's so special about it? Is it basically just a themed cm?
  12. And I think JellyBean will not be CM10, it will probably be CM9,1
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