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    upward move

    OK guys I have been running on Corvus for a while, whats the next upward move for me in regards to systemware........honeycomb AND where will I find it & 'novice' install details.Plz :)
  2. pkmsigns


    Can anyone recommend a good app for multiple email accounts, having probs with resident email on vega....just wont accept all accounts even though several are hotmail.....would like a nice, crisp, easy to use email handler cheers Pete
  3. pkmsigns

    micro sd

    thanks Dave anyone else use this or have comment on quality / stability / compatibility?
  4. pkmsigns

    micro sd

    what do you guys thinks of this, good buy? .. will it work / is the spec right? http://store.cbccomputers.com/products.asp...2%2BSDC4%2F32GB
  5. pkmsigns

    big thanks

    Hi guys, well after struglin for so long, now having huge fun with my vega....still some little 'how to do it' type issues bit its GREAT, this is just to say a huge thanks to all who helped & especilly those developing.....THANK YOU ... i wil continue!
  6. well I'm at a 'self installed' corvus 5 now.....phew, ended up using a spare laptop & found everything worked fine.......must be a cinfig glitch on my main PC...hey ho. am adding apps, wantr to add phone facility, don't know how to delete apps yet, could eventually overload ;) I DO APPRECIATE everyone help & encouragement & will probably still need it, but anyone worryed I might rob them,,,,,,Watch You Back Doors ! hahahahahaha
  7. too bloody far for me to rob you...............& too busy looking at getting this Vega up & runnin.....shame about your insecurity..lol
  8. pkmsigns


    Purchased a book thru bookstore.....then loaded corvus5......now dont know where book is &cant find the bookstore app that was originally there....any ideas where thos might be guys?
  9. pkmsigns


    thanx Phill....I'm getting there slowly....will try this tonite cheers
  10. pkmsigns


    thanx Phill....I'm getting there slowly....will try this tonite cheers
  11. pkmsigns


    I have corvus5............so what do i need to do to read from a memory stick? ... plz
  12. pkmsigns


    now can anyone tell me how I read from a memory stick??
  13. pkmsigns


    Well, after all the hassle, I decided to try audi then corvus5 via my laptop, BANG straight away.............loaded & running, market, flash etc etc thanks guys for all the encouragements, wilol follow avidley for new updates/improvements/comb etc. BIG BIG thanks. Pete
  14. are there any members with vegas that live in the gt yarmouth / norwich area that can help an old chap out?
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