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  1. Have you checked these: http://review.cyanog...om/#change,8149 http://review.cyanog...om/#change,9056 http://review.cyanog...om/#change,9388 http://review.cyanog...om/#change,9327
  2. Well, after many tests I've found the best phone/battery conditions for me: - WIFI On All the time - 3G OFF All the time - 2G /Network Data/ Enabled when needed / manually/ - Self-made brightness settings - GPS On All the time - Auto sync On /Gmail, 2 E-Mail Accounts, GTalk.../ Now I'm running Sej's 24.10 build, I have 55% battery, time since unplugged 2days, 5h
  3. I have strange reboots when playing aac streaming content. It happens with 2 different players. I'm on sej'P7 from 21.09 If anyone is interested - I can PM logcat/kmesg.
  4. I had this issue when booting recovery - reverting to fixed recovery, didn't try the new
  5. OK, some facts - installed latest /N119/ CM7, replaced with burstlam' kernel form Post #16, replaced libaudio.so from post 5800 here - Wifi is reconnecting well - FM radio working /no RDS/ - SIP and Skype audio routing is correct - It seems the interface is little slow, just an impression - Camera is working well It seems batery life is OK, will report later
  6. It seems the life is better with N83 :P I'm charging now, will report. Some other impressions: 1. I've never had a "hissing" bug. Maybe because my Blade is Gen.2 / Bulgarian Globul Z3 / so I've never put alternative libaudio.so 2. After N81 auto brightness is working OK, proximity bug will report later 3. The main problems are the WIFI disconnects. Maybe this is related to WIFI sleeping policy - don't work for me. If someone is interested I can post screenshots. 4. I've had only one GPS reboot
  7. A day with n73: +Fast +All the tweaks of CM +Correct routing of audio with Skype, SIP accounts +OpenVPN - GPS reboots / once with Maps, once with OSMAND / - cannot stop wireless / battery drains drastically / - 4 hours - 40 percent battery drain - no 3G, no Dialer drain - Gapps problems - missing Maps, etc. - Last but not least: NO FM RADIO SUPPORT - ridiculous / Maybe We MUST meet CM and Androko ???? / !!! Conclusion: Back to SS5
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