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  1. bitbank

    Nexus 9 Review

    The N9 is the first consumer device with a ARMv8 CPU and running a 64-bit OS. Google has not published a ARM64 emulator, so the N9 is currently the only way to write and test 64-bit ARM assembly language. I can and do develop 64-bit code on x86, but I'm an optimizer and I write code using intrinsics and native assembly language. When using SIMD/intrinsics/ASM code, I can almost always get at least 2X faster performance than the C compiler for imaging codecs and the other code that I work on. I originally bought a HTC Desire 510 in September to do testing on since it has a Qualcomm 410 (4x Cortex-A53), but HTC is sitting on their hands with the Lollipop upgrade, so I had to get the N9 for my testing. L.B.
  2. bitbank

    Nexus 9 Review

    I bought the Nexus 9 to do 64-bit development and for that, I'm not disappointed. If I were spending $400 on a tablet and didn't care about using it for dev work, then I would be disappointed. Everything about it is mediocre (except for the speed). I tend to skip a generation of Nexus devices because the incremental changes are just not that impressive. This is the same reason I'm staying with my Nexus 5 and not upgrading to the Nexus 6. In daily use, I find the N9 to be too heavy to hold comfortably for long periods of time. I really find that a tablet is mostly useless in my life. For consuming media I prefer my laptop hooked up to a large monitor. For casual/portable reading I prefer using my phone. The tablet just doesn't fit in between. L.B.
  3. The sad thing is that all of the new Lumias seem to miss the mark in some way (at all price points). I'm looking to get a new "flagship" device (I already own the Lumia 928 and Lumia 1520). None of the new devices are worth buying over what I've already got. My ideal device (Lumia 940?) would be: 4.7 - 5.0" 1080p super AMOLED display with glance 10-20MP rear camera with OIS and good lens 2+MP front facing camera Wireless charging 32GB internal memory MicroSD slot Top/New CPU (e.g. 64-bit nVidia K1) As much as Microsoft/Nokia try, the hardware is always a step behind the best in the market.
  4. HTC finally gets some sense and allows us to buy a phone without sense :). I will be getting one of these...
  5. Google broke/removed insecure L2CAP socket support in Android 4.2.x. Wiimotes and other Wii peripherals stopped working because of this. Tell Google to fix/restore this functionality.
  6. I haven't received any feedback from the beta test, so I decided to publish it on the Google Play market. It's worth getting a few negative comments to get some good feedback :( The product link is here: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitbanksoftware.smartgearfree
  7. I've just released a beta APK of my SmartGear multi-system game emulator for Android. You can get more info and download the APK here: http://www.bitbanksoftware.com/smartgear_beta.html It supports playing GameBoy, NES, GameGear, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 and coin-op games on Android ARM devices. Includes support for directly communicating with wireless bluetooth controllers such as the PowerA MOGA, Zeemote JS1, SteelSeries Free, BGP-100 and iControlPad. The free version has no time limits and is quite functional. A few features will be reserved for the paid version. Larry B.
  8. I realize it has been quite a while, but the wait was worth it :) I've got the Android version 99% finished and have released a public beta here: http://www.bitbanksoftware.com/smartgear_beta.html Major features: 1) Previously played games gallery for quick access to your favorites 2) Supports GameShark and GameGenie cheats 3) Direct support of MOGA, Zeemote, SteelSeries Free, BGP-100 4) Pre-defined keys for Xperia Play, iCade, iMpulse, Gamestop controller 5) Customize key codes for any input device 6) Turbo mode allows 2-16x advance through (boring) intros (not on the free version) 7) Load/Save and auto-load of games (not on the free version) 8) Includes smart stretching algorithm to make low-res games look better 9) Allows head-2-head play of GameBoy and GameGear games on a single device 10) Rewind gameplay 4 seconds in case of a "fatal" error 11) Save a screenshot as a PNG file 12) Pauses the game properly when the focus is lost or a menu is opened 13) Renders in OpenGL at 60fps (as long as your machine can handle it) 14) Optionally drive the GUI from the wireless controller (e.g. open, start, quit, etc) Thanks, Larry B.
  9. I bought the MK802 as soon as it became available. It works at a reasonable speed, but the display jitters/pauses/hangs every few seconds. This interferes with video playback, gui navigation and game play. Has anyone else experienced this and does the V2 product fix it? Is it a software problem that got fixed with V2 software? What are the main improvements of the V2? Does it have bluetooth support? Not get as hot? Thanks
  10. It will be for WinMo for now. The Android version is still in pretty bad shape. I'm able to reproduce the flicker problem in "Elite". I'll see if I can correct it. L.B.
  11. Update - The iControlpad works well on both Microsoft and Widcomm bluetooth stacks. I tested it on an old HP 2210 Pocket PC and it works flawlessly. As soon as I verify that I didn't break any games, I'll post a beta for everyone to try. L.B.
  12. The game-gripper looks like a good idea as well. It would be equally good if the manufacturer of the Zeemote offered other form factors. It has good bluetooth speed and battery life, but the shape of it hurts my hands :rolleyes:. L.B.
  13. Not any more. Check out www.icontrolpad.com. The new hardware uses bluetooth communications and supports SPP (serial) mode as well as HID keyboard, joystick and gamepad mode. It's a bit pricey ($86 shipped for just the controller and no "clamps"), but it has lots of potential because the controls are quite good, and it should just work with any phone with bluetooth. It has less lag than the BGP100, but feels a tiny bit slower than the Zeemote. L.B.
  14. All hope is not lost :unsure: I just picked up an iControlPad and am adding support for it to SmartGear. It's a fun toy and worth supporting, so I will make an effort to clean up this build and release it to the public. No promises as to the date of release, but I've got it running and now need to tweak it a little. L.B.
  15. Bought one of these at BestBuy last week. Had to buy a protective case on ebay. Mostly good experiences with the hardware. The little black plastic window around the camera came unglued :mellow: Battery life is good except when suspended. If I suspend it overnight, the battery is dead in the morning. I noticed that it sometimes wakes up from suspend without warning. Has anyone else seen this? Somewhat difficult to justify the cost. It feels too heavy and fragile to carry around outdoors. Right now it's mostly a way to play with Honeycomb. Anyone else get one? L.B.
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