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  1. Just added a card from wallet.google.com and I didn't have to put the address in the app. Haven't tested it though but I'm sure someone will be able to before I can. :)
  2. It allows you to use Google Wallet as a credit card and Google charge your saved credit card that you used for Play transactions. Good move and will make it much easier for us in the UK. I can't imagine what's holding Google back from allowing this to be used in the UK now.
  3. Hey Paul, What tool are you using to decompile and recompile? I've tried using apktool which decompiles successfully but fails to compile. Tried a few framework apks and making sure I have the latest platform-tools but no luck. I'm 99% of the way there but must be missing a critical apk or similar. Thanks for your hard work!
  4. Thanks Paul. Seems to get stuck at Activating Account on the S3 though. I guess us S3 users might need to wait for another update.
  5. Hopefully the new version will work with the S3! :D Thanks Paul!
  6. So this version of clockworkMod is customised for the Transformer where as the other release of isn't. I'm guessing that based on doesn't backup the /sdcard/ directory where as does. Looking forward to the blob version!
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