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  1. I've got mine on order. Is there any chance that the skyGo android app will work? I assume we're at the mercy of Sky... Which usually means that it'll never be released
  2. looks like they've fixed the timezone in todays update. I hadn't gotten around to fixing the timezone as I only got the camera last week. However, I installed the new update today, and suddenly the date/time is correct.
  3. I think this might be a good option for my emergency phone. No need to keep credit on it and 200MB will allow for some browsing too
  4. Hi, I have a Nexus4, now running Kitkat. The recent update has brought with it an updated default email app for connecting to various mail protocols, including Exchange Servers. This updated client heavily resembles the default Gmail app. However, in both the email app and Gmail app, if I look in my Sent Items, the view shows me the sender of the emails, not the recipient. In an email app, it's pretty obvious who the sender of an email in the Sent Items is...... it's me :) I've done some looking around and can find various posts about this on Google's message boards and various other forums. I just can't believe that there is no configuration for this. Please tell me that there is a way to show the recipient of emails that are in the Sent Items. Thank you Steve
  5. Hi, I've been running a VPN server at home on and off for a while now. However, my VPN server is a virtual machine, which requires that I leave my VM host running when I'm away. Whilst this isn't the end of the world, it's not particularly efficient. I was wondering if there was any VPN server software that I could put on an old Android Phone. I've looked at Servers Ultimate but that doesn't have a VPN server option, and I couldn't find any apps when I quickly looked through the Play Store Thanks
  6. wasps

    Android Mail App

    Hi, On my old HTC Desire, I used the standard Mail app that came with the phone to connect to my Company Exchange Server. I presume this mail app was part of HTC Sense. I now have a Nexus4, and am using the standard Android Mail app. I prefer the HTC one, but can live with most of the differences. However, the main problem I have with the android mail app is that there appears to be no concept of peak / offpeak hours when sync'ing mail. I would prefer to be able to receive my email via push updates during office hours, but only receive them manually outside of those hours. (Otherwise, I end up checking work emails in the evenings and at weekends.... and working on them :( ) Firstly, is anyone aware of how this can be achieved using the standard Android mail app? If not, is there a good alternative that will connect to an MS Exchange server, and allow different sync'ing option based on the time of day? Thank you for your help
  7. are JBL really charging $150 extra for the wireless speakers that include charging? If the Qi charging platforms are anything like $150 I can't see many people buying them.
  8. yeah that does make sense... but it also seemed a little too obvious. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  9. I've now decided to definitely buy one to replace my ageing Desire I also need to replace my dying 16gb ipod, so will be interested in using some local storage and GoogleMusic for mp3's. Does anyone know if you can pre-order a Nexus4 on the play store? I couldn't find an option for pre-ordering.
  10. Hi, I've decided to get a Nexus 4, so toddled off to the play store to pre-order it. However, I can't see anywhere to place a pre-order.... there is however a place for notifications when it's available. Does anyone know if there is a way to get a pre-order in for it? I'm expecting stock to run out as these things always do on launch day. So does anyone know the exact release time? Is it midnight UK time on the 13th? Or midnight California time? Thanks for any help. Steve
  11. You can install vnc server on the tablet, and use vnc client on your phone to control it
  12. wasps

    USB WebCam

    yeah, that's about all I could find too. I'm kinda surprised that if Froyo had that functionality, that HC and ICS don't. I know we're using custom ROMs and there's never any guarantee that functionality exists from one version to another.... but in practice, I generally find that functionality is rarely lost, so I can't help thinking that if it used to be possible, then it's probably still possible.... somehow.
  13. wasps

    USB WebCam

    Does anyone know if it's possible to connect a USB Webcam to a Vega running any ROM (preferably an ICS based one) I've found a post somewhere (can't remember if it was here or TR) but it appeared to state that there was a 'USB Webcam' option within Settings. However, I can't find that in ICS, so i'm assuming that it's something which was in an earlier version of Android. I've got a number of different webcams, from unbranded ones, to logitech ones, and really would be happy to get any one of them working. If anyone has any ideas how to get one up and running, please let me know. thank you
  14. If you read the first post over at TR, you'll see that in the 'In Progress' section, Cass is asking for users of 3G variants of the tablet to provide full logging information to try to determine the cause of the problems. As you're having problems with 3G, maybe provided the required logs may help to get it fixed.
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