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  1. yes ill attach the apk in first post tomorrow ! you can make an EXT partition on your SD card and install s2e from market it will give you option to move data dalvic cache apps etc to SD-EXT partition go to settings>system>CMsettings>statusbar> there modify batter settings to percentage
  2. should work then..works here.. yes i got a few things ill need ill work on it in a few days...
  3. this is CM7 based and not ICS ...dont think there are softkeys for CM7...
  4. how come all these chinese ROMs are themed all the way to the core OS how many people do they have working on these ROMs there are so many out there ! BTW nice find good to have so many options for our blades !
  5. yup that is the next goal ! its mentioned in first post update to V2 did you calibrate proximity sensor? Settings>system>device settings>calibrate proximity sensor data should work after that
  6. i will try that and if that was that simple ill have a good laugh at myself :P Wifi works for me though.. dont know why it isnt working for some people..and thanks for the link ill take a look ! there is root explorer included yes sim toolkit is removed ill attach the apk in first post thanks :) would make my job much easier ! sure ! thanks for the link choosing dropbox was a big disaster !
  7. Yes i had mentioned it in first post :) anyways it has been removed now ROM updated to V2 fixes for chenese blade camera adreno libs and major cleanup of system
  8. yes but that is only chinese i have mentioned this in first post that there is official chinese version
  9. thank you ! i will add them to first post Play store should work fine after you sign into your google account
  10. OK i am mostly done with an update in an hour or so. i will upload it to one of the sources you mentioned
  11. Do you have one of those blades with different cameras - 5MP? because for me it works right out of the box... and yes please point me to the patch as well
  12. yeah i know i have to do a lot of clean up but the 1st ROM is more of a proof of concept sort of thing and it is a direct port from ROM mentioned in first post without any app being removed i will be removing some unnecessary apps and reverting to stock android keyboard in next update
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