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  1. Hi, it's fine but no possibility to choose ext/sd to store downoad and sending a file's link with maildroid is not possible : message is empty :mellow:
  2. Hi, Could someone tell me the difference between GR4 and GR5... For me , GR4 runs smooth and fast. No particular problems. So I'd like to know the improvement on GR5 Thanks :)
  3. Hi, everything's ok now. Fantastic ROM.. I installed GGB theme. It looks nice but I would like to have the circular battery icon with %. Is there a .zip to apply to only modify that ?
  4. It's ok now when doing this. Just one thing : home button is not working. to Paul : does I need to still make a wipe and execute setup wizard or is there another way ?
  5. I'm on Ext4... Do I need to choose your ext4 kernel in kitchen and AFTER re-install the neoblaze ?
  6. Hi Paul, coming from GR3 with neoblaze kernel. I made a full wipe and install GR4 (last release kitchen) --> loop boot also :huh:
  7. Hi, thanks Paul for this release :D What's different from GR3 ? Does "deep sleep" problem persists ? regards ;)
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