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  1. After the g300, I wouldn't buy it on principle haha. They lost me on the ICS update. Good work Huawei! Plus I don't even think the specs look that good on this. I got a second hand HTC Sensation XE on Ebay for £110 and it's better than this
  2. New Nexus 7 with 1080p screen and 2gb RAM is very likely. I also think they'll release Key Lime Pie, and I think they'll make the new messaging service (Babel) a big part of it. They'll go with 'Revolutionising messaging' or something silly like that... Don't think there'll be a new Nexus phone, as half year update cycles seem to annoy customers that bought the original (see HTC for how NOT to do it - HTC One X+ and Sensation XE). Plus less money spent on manufacturing by having a year long update cycle!
  3. Yeah I agree. If you look at the flagship phones of 2-3 years ago what were they, maybe Samsung galaxy S? Samsung has come a long way since then, and I'm surprised that ZTE have not with their budget line...
  4. I think this phone is awesome. Very good screen (responsive and great viewing angles, good colours) and I've always had incredible battery life and good reception. Only problem is the official ICS ROM but that's where modaco comes in :D
  5. @papadkostas off topic but do you like Bon Jovi by any chance? ;)
  6. Hi. CM10 latest build is R3, CM9 latest build is R6. Are you sure you're on CM10? As for notifications, the notification LED is working for me (on CM10 R3). Try going to Settings / Display / Pulse Notification Light and see what your settings are. You need it to be enabled. I hope this helps
  7. This build is much better. Feels like I've just gained an extra cpu core or something :D Care to guess why this could be?
  8. Dazzozo this new build is really good. Typing is much better now, not as much lag. Thanks Daz!
  9. Are you sure you didn't have a different launcher installed? If you want that effect you can try Nova or Apex launchers
  10. Hi. This does sound very annoying. I would advise you do a full wipe and flash CM10 again. Also can I ask what version of recovery are you using? (e.g. CWM). Let us know how you get on.
  11. woah.... what??! I had no idea what was going on here. Dazzozo you are clearly very talented and I appreciate what you've done with this device a lot. without these CM builds and the IRC forum I would have got a new phone by now. Don't listen to the haters, you and fagulhas know what you've achieved so far and things can only get better!
  12. Cyda what quality have you put the display settings on in the screenshots you've posted? Thanks
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