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  1. Hi All, Just upgraded to the Monte after selling my San Fran Now, I seem to have the same issue as I did with the San Fran - Cases - I used an E71 for the san fran (thanks to this forum) and it fitted well. However, I cannot find anything for the Monte Carlo - Does anyone have any advice? I did think the HTC Desire HD however the camera would be covered Cheers
  2. Tallyberto

    Kogan 7" Android 2.3 Tablet

    Apart from the res of the Samsung Tab 7", is there any benefit for going the Samsung route over this tablet?? Cheers, Tal
  3. Tallyberto

    Asus Eee Pad MeMo

    Anyone looking forward to this? Seems to be going up against the HTC Flyer.... Lets hope the price is right this time
  4. Tallyberto

    ZTE Skate

    Hi All, I currently have the ZTE Blade and really like the phone, however, heard rumours of a ZTE 'Skate' which is pretty much a Desire HD (which I used to own) Anyone know when its coming out? I would really like to upgrade to the Skate as the only thing I miss about the Desire HD is the screen size! Anyone else looking forward to this phone? Cheers, Tal
  5. Tallyberto

    Advice Please :)

    Hi All, Just signed up, although been a long time lurker! I really want to get a tablet and I am looking at either the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" OR the Samsung Galaxy 8.9 when it arrives... Now, my question is: I want a tab mainly for the following: E-reader Satnav Web and email Twitter, FB etc... Boredom stopper - games... Will the Tab 7" be good enough for my needs or should I spend more and get the 8.9?? I don't think I would utilize the specs of the 8.9 as I used to have a HTC Desire HD and never used half of the functionality, so sold that, and got a ZTE Blade which I love. So, I want your experts opinions...should I just get the 7" or do you think I would benefit from waiting for the 8.9.... Choices...Choices.... Cheers, Ta

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