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  1. Hi bro! My mistake was that I had created the 3 partitions as logical and not primary. Some 15 minutes ago I installed the Android successfully. I will now check how it works. Sorry about that and thanks a million for taking the time to reply patiently to my queries. God bless you n the world!
  2. Yes I have checked the Ext4 (1309MB) partition is second after FAT32 (485MB) and the Swap Space is 189MB. There is a file POCKETFS in My Storage which keeps on appearing even after deleting it again n again. I have tried deleting and re-pasting haret. zImage and STARTUP and also reinstalling the ROM but its the same issue - stuck at start up. I will soon upload screenshots of ImageRecover while I try reinstalling again so that you may be able to detect my mistake.
  3. Thanks for replying! I have gone through all the steps and installed the Android OS. But on running Haret I get stuck at this start up screen
  4. Referring to your step 16 - reopen minitool an if after ext4 partition there is left some unused/unformated space (grey colour) delete linux swap partition and create a new linux swap primary partition including this time the previously seen unused space' I am unable to understand how to merge the unused space after deleting the linux swap partition to make a new linux swap partition. Could you provide some screenshop guide for this step?
  5. While trying to install CyanogenMod beta 2 on my Omnia 2, I get the message: " Warning: You requested a partition from 870MB to 1894MB. The closest location we can manage is 2031MB to 2031MB. Is this still acceptable to you? Yes/No? " My question is how to type words like yes or no (using buttons?)? SCREENSHOT ATTACHED

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