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  1. Noone can, it's a limitation that cannot be fixed. Please don't do this. He may or may not include a semi-functional radio in his builds, that's entirely up to him. I'd also love to see it in cm10.1 but he has to decide whether fm radio is good to go or not.
  2. I have a strange Trebuchet bug: the secound-to-left icon disappears whenewer the workspace is reloaded. Anyways, I'm using Apex bc of this but the rom is awesome! Great job!
  3. daemond, could you please reupload the gapps package? it went missing... (error 380)
  4. Konsta, can we get Apollo back with this? http://review.cyanogenmod.org/#/c/32316/ :) Works well, loads album arts now.
  5. Yeah that's unfortunate. The lockscreen has hardware layers enabled now, that's why it's faster. That was a needed change i think. @Icf: adreno blobs shouldn't have changed between the last two builds.
  6. Well then some app hold a wakelock that keeps the phone awake. If the battery screen doesn't point at a specific app, you'll need to go through your list, and find out which is causing the drain. I can tell you, it's not the os itself but one of your apps.
  7. Battery drain occurs if you enable mobile data and leave it on. The phone will be waken up quite frequently and the radio uses a lot of power to send/receive.
  8. I think a lot more apps have disabled settings, not just s2e. While the blue looks awesome, the light blob makes the whole thing hard to read. Maybe you could try modifying the disabled preference color, then. And I also think that this should be done as a standalone theme for the theme engine if possible.
  9. Please tweak the background a bit more, as I see the on right screenshot the text is hardly readable.
  10. My blocker is that it's aosp based... I want to use this but I want to use my flip phone to mute patch, too... :)
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