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    How long before a root and roms?

    FYI - Franco Kernle now released for S3, ClockworkMod and Mobile Odin all up and working, Firmware update yesterday and a thriving ROM modding community now active. The icing on the cake is that Supercurio just about to release voodoo sound...... Can't believe that Paul is not up there with the action on this beast of a phone ! Where are you Paul ?!
  2. JasonKenny

    How long before a root and roms?

    Get yourself over to XDA. S3 is now rooted and new ROMs are being developed. One called Omega is in v4. Apparently Paul is getting an S3 and I'll wait for a customised MCR. Just need supercurio (sound chip guru) and francisco franco (kernel guru) to work with Paul for the perfect S3 ROM.
  3. JasonKenny

    #askmodaco - Samsung Galaxy S III

    I'm really interested in the quality of the sound reproduction via quality headphones. Plus the Galaxy Nexus I have has a useless external speak and I often miss call ring tone. Please tell me the S3 is as loud as the S2 which was ace.
  4. system.ui crashes here as well, flashed after 'wipe the usual' (not full) over previous Ir11 beta. was not expecting that. not paul's fault but only had yesterday backed up and so diary sync to outlook to get back to where i was has completely buggered work diary. oh well its only five years of business appointments. I'll wait fo this to come out of beta Jay
  5. System software buttons have disappeared. Coming from ir10. wiped davik and cache. was trying to avoid full wipe as some others seem to have been successful (or have I missread). Anyone have any fix to restore system.ui buttons before I restore Any help much appreciated. Jay
  6. Ah crap. Just baked and flashed ir9 and I am also stuck at google/padlock also. brain not working. can someone kindly remind me how to transfer a new bake to the GN (I am on a mac and the Android File transfer) not recognising the phone at google/padlock. Jay p.s. I was running Franco kernel 11
  7. Just signed up. Keep the good work going Paul. Jason
  8. JasonKenny

    Improve SD speed.

    I flashed it yesterday on MCRv9......all aims ok
  9. JasonKenny

    Paul's extended holiday

    Hi Paul, You may not get to read this soon.... I guess that you may be subject to an extended holiday courtesy of Icelandic ash. Ash Delays Play ... Funny old world. Hope you get back ok and finish rooting this desire. Jay
  10. JasonKenny


    Let's first determine whether its a card or phone problem..... Can the card be read by say a pc? I had a similar problem and had to reformat the card in an htc hero. Hope you find a fix before you do that. If cardnis ok and can be read by a pc then try turning off the phone, take out the battery and sd card....put it all back together and reboot. Report back re how you get on Jay
  11. JasonKenny

    Problems with unlock code

    Bought an unlock code from htc code for $25 but the handset had to be replaced by t-mobile and htc code would not provide a new code or even offer a discount on a second code. Didn't care that modaco members would be attracted to service like this. I paid a second lot of $25 for the code for the new handset but now htc code say they don't have the imei in their database and say I'll have to wait a few weeks.....so far I've owned a desire for 3 weeks and not made one single phone call. Customer service by htc code is poor. Emails are rarely replied to and if they are the answers are abrupt and a fob off. I have to keep emailing him to ask him to try again. Is it my impatience or is this pretty crap service? My question - can anyone verify that recent t-mobile supplies can not yet be unlocked. Also is there a more reliable unlock service that people are using for recent t-mobile handsets. Regards Jason Edit: meant euros not dollars
  12. JasonKenny

    NOT impressed - any anybody else with unlock code problems

    I went into a t-mobile shop and they confirmed that the phone is faulty and I am now waiting for new stock so they can replace it........ ...hopefully Paul will be back from his (well earned) holidays by then and we'll have a decent rom to use..... Jason i now need to go ask HTCcode to provide an unlock code FOC for the new desire when it turns up
  13. Still having bluetooth problems....but here is a far more fatal problem Got a sim unlock code from htccode.....inserted a vodafone sim....the desire asked for the code....i entered it and for about 5 seconds the phone recognised the sim and gave a very weak signal. 10 seconds later "no service" and now the phone wont even recognise any sim even though sims work in other phones... I've hard reset....wiped the phone anyone have clue why i'm not getting sim recognised? either dud phone or sim unlock from htccode has screwed something up but cant imagine how. i have emailed them for help. jason edit: it seems that the handset was faulty so i"m editing the post to underline that HTCcode were NOT at fault.
  14. JasonKenny

    Bluetooth arrgh

    Purchased an unopened Desire from a very highly rated Ebayer, its is locked to T-mobile and I am awaiting an unlock code so I can use my vodafone sim and also expecting a much larger microsd card than the 4gb supplied. In the meantime I've been setting up the phone, stunning screen and speed BUT......and this is a killer .... as I need to use it in the car.....and in work with Jabra stone headset.... but whatever I do I can not get the damned phone to pair via bluetooth. scanning for devices works, and the phone is visible to other bluetooth devise....it seems like its working ....sometimes messages pop up on the phone regards accepting the same pairing code.... ...however every time a select a device to pair to the phone just sticks in "pairing" mode. I searched t'interweb and to my horror read of people having units replaced by T-mobile for dodgy bluetooth antenas.... I noticed that HTC pushed out a firmware update yesterday but my phone is not picking up the update via wi-fi. can anyone help me or at least reassure me that a firmware update might fix my problem Regards Jay

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