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  1. Looks like Paul doesn't read O2X forum at all :((
  2. http://www.engadget.com/2011/11/02/optimus-2x-to-receive-ice-cream-sandwich-update-lg-confirms/
  3. I am using MIUI 28 with 2x fixes (including SD) and SwiftExtreme (1.2 GHz) kernel now - works quite fast and stable. Previously tried to use CM7 - was too laggy and slow.
  4. Hi Paul,

    Please share a bit of attention with O2X users, we hope you don't forget about us =)

  5. I saw that over last week Paul was working on SGSII, he has no more interest to support O2X. If he will release Gr3 and Fr20 - it is luck for us.
  6. I'm using EXT4 on my laptop over last few years (since times when it was marked as unstable in kernel) and never had any data loss or any kind of problems with it.
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