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  1. Can someone give me CM7 build with soft buttons and good battery life. :unsure:
  2. Try to change the font in customize menu with some other font that is in english.Sorry for my bad one :)
  3. Ginger is cool, but the battery life with CM9 AOKP is much more better than every CM7 rom that i'm try it so far.I try CM7 with old kernel, new libs, and many other combinations and maneuvers, and when use 3G... fast death.AOKP 5.8.2 battery is the best.Personal opinion.
  4. Another thing that i see before change the rom, power menu works only when the phone is locked.
  5. Launcher force close permanently.Camera and gallery-verry laggy.Randomly restarts.Go back to AOKP at least for now.On the other hand,it's nice to have more MIUI roms.Keep up the good work.
  6. Now download.Will try it.Agreeker's 0419 rom was good for 4/5 days, after that he give me some problems.Hope this better.
  7. Not sure, but i think that is before N360... N358 or something.If it's not problem, upload N353 somewhere.Thx.
  8. Search for Burstlam build from 18022012.I go back, but the links is dead.If someone keeps it, will be appreciate.
  9. Are you have problem with dark themes?The txt in the settings menu is almost invisible.
  10. Noup.I mean this http://miuiandroid.c...u-options.7738/
  11. Ok, thank you all.Swiftkey seems good to me. Next question.Can i use extended settings on this rom, or which version of MIUI is based on?
  12. Good, but how to change / remove this keyboard?
  13. Seems very stable to me.Battery life is like CM7, fast and smooth, only issue (not so big) for now is wifi.Disconnects when he want.But... again very good job tilal.Thank you.
  14. I flash latest gapps 20120317, butt still cant find some apps in market.For example i cant find top eleven.Any suggestions?
  15. I use BurgerZ CM7 rom right now.Here you link, try it and tell me how is it. BurgerZ13mart
  16. I think that when you restart the phone, text of the menu icons will be in English.
  17. If you can, add and Bulgarian.Bw i use your 1feb rom, i have prob with wi-fi.When i switch it on, it say conected but the icon stay gray and don't have any internet.Solution?Sorry for my English.
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