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  1. I've just tried to wake the phone up after something like 30min non-using, it tooks agains 3-4 seconds to get bak up :P
  2. We must be indulgent with the side effect of having such a slim phone : we are close to the processor, wich of course always heat up a bit but is probably better refreshed in other phones.
  3. Does anyone know how to remove the VoiceTalk (vlingo) on double home-press ? I'd like to make it available for QuickDesk. Or even better, if possible, use it as a long-press search button to use GO SMS "new message" functionnality.
  4. I confirm, the back cover gets away on clingo, i'm waiting for my "case-mate barely there", did it do the job for you ?
  5. Same here, stock also. I'm setting KE1 right now, i'll let u know if it changes anything for me.
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