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  1. Thanks to all devs for good work. I agree targetsp that it's maybe a little bit under the borderline to be usable. It's fine but missing some features it should have. It's pity but derives from a little oldish Blade.
  2. Thanks for your good work. What are the "faster ARMv6 libs"? Is it Adreno 200 libs?
  3. Ok, they are very similar and Japanese is originated from Chinese and both are called Kanji. PS. This is very off-topic.
  4. Battery life is better now than in 3132012 ROM and as good as in CM7. Gps working fine and with quick fix.
  5. After changing and reboot Antutu results are worse than before 2d = 85 3d = 383 Force GPU rendering on Surface dithering on 16bit transparency off Don't know rely or not on Antutu results ???
  6. Somehow my results for graphics are relatively poor. 2d = 93 3d = 391 regardless I'll suppose that my configuration for graphics should be (quite) correct. Force GPU rendering on Surface dithering off 16bit transparency on I've the 20120407 ROM installed, which should include the latest drivers.
  7. I'll remember that framework-res.apk can't be compiled in AOKP as in CM with apktool as I've done.
  8. Noticed the many bugs and restored the previous version. Let us wait for tilals next version. Advice for everyone to make a backup before updating a new version, so you don't loose anything if you've to revert to previous version.
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