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  1. Same issue with this 5.5 version One application can't be installed on this rom "Qlock Two" (not compatible with this phone!). Works on the previous rom !
  2. Same issue with CM 7 & CM10.1, now I re-install CM 11 to see what happens in this version
  3. One application can't be installed on this rom "Qlock Two" (not available on play store). Available for the previous rom !
  4. I have a sound notification for SMS (Captain's log) and calls (a mp3 on my SD card). When media issue comes, I don't see the SMS notification name but a number (No idea for notification calls)! Perhaps an issue with my SD card and when the system can't read the mp3, the media issue occurs... After 2 reboot all works fine.
  5. Today, crash with media service and no notification when SMS comes. When SMS comes, the screen stays black -> restart with remove battery
  6. Idem for me, the dial pad must be pressed twice each time and sometimes the notifications/status bar does'nt respond. Kill launcher isn't working
  7. Great ROM, but issue with my camera, always a FC. I don't use the latest GAPPS because issue with contact synchronization last time. Did I reinstall with latest GAPPS? Thx
  8. In fact, GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk is missing in the new Google Apps !!
  9. After new installation of 20140208 version, the contacts aren't synchronized !! Help !!
  10. Try with airplane mode -> active and deactive it. (before reboot)
  11. Sorry if I frustrated you. It was not my intention. That is just to write my experience. Well on that I respect the free work supplied on this forum. But I tried this rom, and she does not suit to me because she is not rather smooth with regard to others. As the update not having worked, I returned to the Konsta rom.
  12. Thx, but it does'nt work. Always animation logo PACMan when I install the gapps. Back to Konsta CM 10.1.
  13. I have one question: I'm using int2ext+ with the previous rom. Do I have to re-install it after a rom update?

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