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  1. Strange. The only difference there has been between it working and not working is that I upgraded to RLS6. I'll experiment a bit and see if I can fix it then.
  2. One bug I've noticed creep into rls6 is dock notifications. I use launcherpro and have the buttons for the phone, sms and gmail (patched to enable this) set to provide notifications of unread messages and missed calls. It worked fine in rls5, but doesn't in rls6. And that upgrade is the only variable.
  3. Awesome. Thanks. :) If I should feel like playing around with the no-battery mod or go back to vanilla holo, what would be the best way to do so?
  4. Very nice. Thanks. Any chance of a v3.1 with a circle battery mod? :)
  5. Oh and while I love the power widget bar, is there any chance of adding a few more toggles? The Extended Controls app for example has toggles for wifi- and usb-tethering, force sync, changing screen timeout times, mass storage and haptic feedback. For my own purposes, if I could toggle wifi-tethering from there (i use the Extended Controls widget with just the one button now) the rom would be close to perfection. :)
  6. I flashed this yesterday. After toiling for a week with various ICS roms, it is sheer delight to come to a rom that is both fast, wonderfully coherent and where everything works. The only glitch I've come across is that when I load a picture into Gallery from my file explorer that Gallery hasn't scanned itself, it flips into the album folder for The Verve's Urban Hymns and shows the album cover for that instead (even then, I can just slide back to the picture I want to watch. Gallery thinks the picture resides in that folder). Gallery is amazingly fast in this rom though. The only thing I'd want to change is is the battery display. I crave having an exact percentile in my statusbar. Can anyone guide me to a zip I can flash for it? Well that and maybe a more spiffy lockscreen. After ICS, the Gingerbread one seems kinda boring now. :D Finally, I wish to give a major thumbs up to the installation process. The All-in-one TPT is a great idea. I like the idea of having the partition scheme tailored to the rom and love the loads of space for apps I won't have to put on the SD card.
  7. Thanks. What is the difference between the one linked in Post 1 and the one linked here. It's not really clear to me which version to go for. Also, there are other spin-offs?
  8. The download link for alpha5 isn't working. Can anyone provide a mirror?
  9. I use the launcherpro version. I followed This for wiping. Surely there is no need to do a full system wipe for a 3.0->3.2 upgrade?I realise there is a no wipe no whine policy, but for missing one system app, I reckon there ought to be a simpler solution than having to wipe everything and lose all my settings again.
  10. I tried flashing a few zips of the new market found on the web but it didn't work. Can't use this rom for much if market isn't there.
  11. I just upgraded from 3.0 and it went fine except for one thing: No Market. I am assuming I am the only one with this quirk since it hasn't been mentioned? Can someone upload an apk for me to fix it?
  12. Anyone? This is an important feature to me as I simply don't have many of my numbers elsewhere.
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