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  1. use gumtree at ur own risk, is all im saying... I dont think of it as the safest place to trade, not as safe as say ebay :L
  2. 240 is a bargain mate. I wuld go and get it right now if i were you. ;) but yeh, can handle games with ease, (from the games i have, which are angry birds, flick football, PES 2011, samurai 2 veganace, Nova to name a few...) and what do u mean by unlock? do u mean unlocking so u can use any carrier?
  3. apparently it can take nearly ten mins to boot up or hav u tried flashing twice? :P
  4. cor thanks for that, i was just about to flash galnet over ! gd thing all i had done was a back up! thanks for the help, will put this in mind, and will stick wit skyrom for the "near future"
  5. right, ok, sorry... my bad :L
  6. Hey guys, im thinking of switching roms to a miui based one, but im just wondering which version u think is best? galnet miui or bmarkos version? thanks for any help
  7. yeh i understand better hardware, but i know loads of friends who have smashed their iphones after dropping them once :L in my eyes the market is just as gd ad the app store we hav all the same ones iod users hav. android is just as reliable now. my s2 never crashes.
  8. i like apple and think they make great products, i hav a ipod and macbk myself, but i honestly dont see how people wuld choose the 4s over the s2 wen the latter has arguebly better stats and is cheaper. bearing in mind the person buying isnt a fan boy of either, and Is merely looking for a new phone :L
  9. So, im you've alll heard the news about the new iphone 4S. what do u guys think? Will it affect the Galaxys sales? I for one am a tad disappointed with apple, as i think they may have gone from innovating to now just simply keeping up with everything other companies (android especially) have to offer. What do you think? :)
  10. Lol no mate, i mean s2 desktops u can post ur pc desktop if u like though... ;)
  11. Hey guys, looking for a bit of inspiration for my lockscreen and home screens, and realised we dont have a post ur desktop topic :P So, u know the deal, post ur desktop, and let the comments of approval flood in! ;)
  12. Anyone tried the sgp glas screen protector? apparently thats meant to be gd.
  13. oh no :0 really? i was looking forward to checking them out
  14. second that... i was selling my vega anyway, to fund my autumn xbox gaming spree, and for some much needed funds elsewhere but this tablet has shaken up my plans for how to spend the dosh ;)
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