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  1. limited by phone....it`s not a problem
  2. yes...it`s the same as I just uninstalled it and the widget from home launcher it`s gone....
  3. you can download titanium backup (free version) from market and simply uninstall those widgets you don`t need/use....but that`s not all, there are more tweaks to reduce battery consumption: 1. disable data network (enable it only when you need to, same for the wi-fi) 2. disable auto sync (sync manually from time to time when you need)
  4. nope you are not wrong :) I`ve made a list with some apps that can be safely removed (see the main thread). and about the games, i`m playing asphalt 6, dungeon hunter 2 (amaizing graphics) without any shuttering...
  5. great I`ll try this too :) let you know if it works for me!
  6. nope...didn`t try 11B because it`s branded....good luck with flashing :)
  7. well it seems i understood exactly what you tried to say. those ROMs in that link that you post above are official LG roms like. and flashing any of that roms doesn`t need clockwork. you won`t loose your warranty by following that tutorial and flashing v10a. OR you can do a factory reset (call 3845#*970# to enter the hidden service menu), then follow the tutorial from the link you post above and flash v10b again. My phone came with v10a and I forgot to make a factory reset before I have flashed v10b on to it, so for result after flashing the battery last for 5 hours and the phone was really hot. I did a factory reset from hidden menu and then reflashed again v10b so now it`s working really good.
  8. first of all: you won`t loose any warranty at all because v10a it is an official LG firmware. second: be sure you`ve made a fatory reset before you have made the update to v10b. (if not, then you should make a factory reset now and then reflash the v10b firmware it should work like a charm.)
  9. also works great on GOM Player.
  10. 44 hours in standby it is horrible indeed. I`ve noticed myself the same thing. At the moment with everything turned off (3g, wi-fi, auto sync, background data, did some calls though) after 13h 30m battery is at 80%.
  11. be carefull because anytime you are connecting the phone to computer it`s charging so. you can try disable auto sync for gmail and calendar (you can sync it manual every time you need) and disable animations from Settings-> Display -> Animations (they eat a lot of battery too). give this a try and I hope you`ll get the 20 hours usage from I charge.
  12. try this one: http://android.modaco.com/content-page/339...0/#entry1708746 I hope it will help you.
  13. sooo upload the kernel so we can flash it if you don`t mind :) I`d like to try it seriously.
  14. maybe you want to look here: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/koush/365...p-template.html . I think i manage to understand what are they doing and it seems logical but not sure if it will work on *any* ROM as they say....hmmmm it will be interesting to try, but without a keycomb to enter recovery I`m afraid to brick my phone again :)
  15. I`m sure you can change language....I got mine from Orange and I could change language, but not sure about the simlock because mine is locked in Orange network (not sure if it is still locked with this 10b firmware, i should give it a try) P.S. with v10b i`m experiencing very very slow charging (almost 3h charging time from 10% battery to 100%) and very fast battery drainage (like 12 hours of normal usage, ex: 3g on, about 30 - 45 min voice calls, some text messaging, a little usage of the camera). but no problems with dead touches (like you have). I might get back to v10a because of battery consumption.
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