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  1. Someone already posted an alternative link. I updated the first post. I have no idea why Mediafire keeps on flagging this.
  2. I actually posted an update now. This should fix some of the annoyances and fixes security issues. Have fun with this extremely delayed update. :) Changelog: 2014-06-13 incremented max_hidden_apps hopefully fixed button backlight issues disabled camera effects that crash switched to zeelog's kitkat kernel tree fixed OpenSSL, Linux kernel and Android signing security issues disabled HWUI text fading for small speedup Security bugfixes were tested with Bluebox Security and towelroot. Check out the "jellykat" kernel branch. I only managed to upload and publish the build now, but it was built a couple of days ago. So don't be confused by the date difference.
  3. Hey zeelog, I noticed that you set dalvik.vm.jit.codecachesize=0 in system.prop. Are you aware that this *completely* disables the Dalvik JIT, which will severly cripples app performance? This should be a last-ditch solution for extremely low memory devices. The Blade isn't such a device, and I think this shouldn't be set.
  4. I can't promise anything but today or tomorrow probably. I want to sort out the backlight issue first. Ah, I think I found it. When BladeParts enable the button backlight on startup (or resume, most probably), they also force it to the "on" state. This might cause these problems.
  5. Raising sys.mem.max_hidden_apps to 10 may be a bit too much. You can never fit that many apps into the RAM anyway. I am going to make a (final?) build of this Android ROM soon. That will include the master key fix and some other stuff, like raising max_hidden_apps. I still can't reproduce the button backlight issue. Can anyone that is affected please check if replacing /system/lib/hw/lights.blade.so and/or /system/app/BladeParts.apk to the version from an older build fixes the problem?
  6. Nope, it was a clean build. I have no idea what could be causing these problems. I don't see them with my Blade. The liblights cleanup is just cosmetics and there aren't any changes in CM upstream either that are a possible cause.
  7. Huh, seems to work fine here. The backlight reliably switches off when the screen is switched off. But there has been an update to the lights library, so breakage is possible. This does not appear to be possible due to the way FM audio is injected into the audio mixer.
  8. I added the new build, see the first post. Of course it includes all upstream CM changes so Yahoo weather should work again, too.
  9. I'll do a rebuild later today. I'm not sure about Apollo, though, I had some issues with it, such as images for albums not displaying.
  10. This option adjusts the time according to a service (NITZ) of your mobile network provider. On some networks the time/date info isn't very accurate, and on many the service isn't supported at all! Try ClockSync instead.
  11. I can do a new build against updated CM10 repositories if it makes you happy, but not much happened there.
  12. Hmm... does anyone know which FM chip is used in the Blade 3?
  13. That's intentional. It doesn't appear to be possible to route these to both speaker and headphones. If you have headphones connected, you should be using them, so that's why everything is routed to headphones. Yes - the icon was useless anyway. :)
  14. Yes, video recording sucks. There's tearing and the framerate is low, and this is a known issue. I'm not sure how this could be improved.
  15. What exactly do you mean? Switching to mobile data after wifi disconnect and the like?

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