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  1. I had the same problem on Gtab. I solved it by passing the .built-in flag to the mmc stack in the board sdhci file. I no longer get those errors, however I can also no longer turn off the wifi from the rom and turn it back on. Once it's off it stays off.
  2. I meant to revert that commit. I overlooked it. As far as usb, with the new usb subsystem the device ids are set with the sysfs which is not there if the g_android config is not set in the defconfig. Also I have problems with getting it to work if I try to plug it in after power up and after the tab attempts to sleep, also on boot the vender id that is set is a fail safe in init.rc , not in the init.<device>.usb.rc file. Later after boot if I can open the advanced storage menu in android settings and turn on mtp or camera adb begins to work with a normal nvidia vender id. I don't know if any of that helps. Treznorx
  3. I had to revert the changes to the backlight driver in order to get the tab to boot. before that it would die almost immediately.
  4. I have the Prime Kernel booting on gtab, tons of errors but it boots and loads the egl drivers at least. Then it just starts boot looping, but it boots at least :)
  5. The only thing is that those dmesg were taken with smp and early_suspend disabled in the kernel config. This simplified the process. After re-enabling these items I no longer see any activity after the suspend. It just never wakes up. So I think USB is one of the problems it however may not be the only problem. I'm going to do some more testing tonight.
  6. More Interesting dmesg http://pastebin.com/zD8rUwu1 For Some Reason this one exploded and gave a lot of data. It was about to work on 129 which on my kernel is 129: 35 GIC ehci_hcd:usb1 Going to try and skip the enable of that irq. Ok it went farther on the restore skipping that irq. http://pastebin.com/TNk821eQ Ok So now turned smp back on and it no longer gets the wake alarm to wake up.
  7. It dies on irq 129 http://pastebin.com/zqLvcJW6
  8. void resume_device_irqs(void) { struct irq_desc *desc; int irq; for_each_irq_desc(irq, desc) { unsigned long flags; raw_spin_lock_irqsave(&desc->lock, flags); __enable_irq(desc, irq, true); raw_spin_unlock_irqrestore(&desc->lock, flags); } pr_info("Resume Device Irqs -function end"); } It never makes it to the end of that function. how do I have the pr_info() print out the iterations through that look. I know you pass it variables, but could you give me something to try here. Thanks, Treznorx
  9. Here is the dmesg with those enabled. My kernel config has smp, earlysuspend, and caches disabled. This should eliminate any of those as the cause. http://pastebin.com/635KPxUX It looks like the memory is not being restored, it gets copied into iram but the next step of the restore should be to copy it back and it fails to do so.
  10. I'll try this tonight, I'm at work right now. Thanks!
  11. Ok so when the tab isn't coming back on its not really crashed. If I plug my usb serial converter in while its sleeping I get errors in the ram console after the reboot. It seems its just sitting there waiting for something to tell teh rest of teh devices to wake up. In the .36 kernel there was a legacy_irq.c file that handles what gic.c does now. I did not port this over when I tried the moto pm.c patch earlier. Have to try again when I have time.
  12. OK I removed SMP and it still doesn't wake up. As far as console output it shows the same thing just without the cpu1 booting back up. Gtab has a hard reset button that allows the ram console to work. (For anyone who missed the IRC chat)
  13. Here is a dmesg that shows the cpu actually comes out of lp1 and then crashes http://pastebin.com/JFpd5u1W
  14. I'm working on the gtab and we have the same issue with sod. I've tried porting the entire suspend process from that tiamat kernel, basically this goes back to what we all have in the .36 kernel. The tab still wouldn't wake up. I have also tried using lp2 and again the tab would not wake up. The only time I have seen the tab go all the way to sleep and then wake up is when there was a wake alarm that caused the tab to sleep and wake up over and over on its own, but this only happens occasionally. I also have Eduardo's cache sync function in my kernel and I've tried all the above patches to no avail. I think the adam, shuttle and gtab are all in the same boat as far as this goes. Anyone I have come across who thought they didn't have the problem actually had a wakelock preventing the tab from sleeping. Treznorx
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