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  1. The problem is not with the people app, the problem is with gmail contacts,.. which actually is used to sync all the contact information with. ICS had 256x256, now it is 720x720? Well, it doesn't matter, as long as it is synced with 96x96 pics (gmail). What this means is,.. that Yes, you can have HiRes images assigned with your contacts,.. but they become low res, when,.. say you wipe, reflash and sync your contacts with google. https://plus.google.com/u/0/109941711245243963357/posts/PwRx3SHNbjR
  2. The latest ROM, and the medium gapps from the OP measures 150 MB. 155-160 would be fine.
  3. Is S2E working with this build? I just noticed, S2E is included in the burstlam's version and works perfect. I think It'll be a great addition. Right now in google play, I get device not supported for S2E. Edit: Ignore this post. Did a search in this thread, and got my answer. :-)
  4. +1 I have the exact same issue, and believed that it is some problem at my ISP's end, but it seems that I am not alone. I never get to open gmaps and latitude without my connection dropping off, in a few minutes it works,.. but it becomes useless while travelling. With WiFi, things are fine.
  5. And if you dont want to edit build.prop, you can simply change it in the menus! I hope you can reach system settings (even if it is all chinese) ? Over there, look for a square icon, with A written on it. That is for language and input. First option over there is for language,.. change it to English.
  6. So, right now we are using openGL hacks to get HW acceleration working... It this correct? Like we had in ICS, before the adreno binaries for ICS were released?
  7. From that page, using google translate gave me this: :D :D Google translate is a funny tool.
  8. ufizo

    Nexus 7 Review

    Great review. Sad that I can't get my hands on this right now, as I am not in US. I hope that we do get a 10" nexus device in the future. Paul, you may consider changing the cover pic for this article to something more colourful. This one is a bit dull. :)
  9. As far as security is concerned I would say that cyanogenmod is more secure than using stock ROM, as all the source is out there. You can see whatever the programs on your phone do. Yes,.. you are right, even cyanogenmod has proprietary files copied from the stock ROM, from here : /android/system/device/zte/blade/ But then again,.. I would vote that chances are rare that these files would cause a security issue, and if they did, someone would have pointed it out by now.
  10. Google recently published the JellyBean changelog: http://www.android.com/about/jelly-bean/
  11. https://plus.google.com/117962666888533781522/posts/BMQiaHhSMte
  12. search for TPT Helper. You will get from google play. There are threads with instructions also.
  13. Been using this ROM for 15 hours. Looking stable, no FCs and it is smooth. Great! With med gapps, it needs 179.7 MB of /system. (In case anyone is looking to create a custom TPT, this might help. Overall it is a good ROM. Mostly everything has been fixed. USB debug is also working. Tether also worked. Themes work, so Im loving how beautiful my phone is right now. :) Some changes that I would like to see in future versions: It does not detect Wifi ad-hocs? (or any wifi networks?) I had only an ad-hoc to test WiFi, and it was not detected. ad-hocs worked when I had konstaKANG, and burstlam's AOKP remix. S2E does not work out of the box, it is based on Konsta's KANG, and it works there without using any script. Cheers :)
  14. aah! Finally our man edits the OP. Will check and report back. :)
  15. that is true,.. but using android keyboard for just changing directories takes a lot of time! and when you don’t have tab - auto-complete ;)
  16. and bootloop means, that your device reboots while booting,.. you see the spash screen,.. and then the bootanim (grey android text in this case) ... and it reboots again? Or, does it get stuck at bootanim? If it is the later, how long did you wait? Like I said, in my case, it did take a lot of time to boot. Im just shooting in the dark.
  17. I agree that the OP is not very helpful, and I did leave a comment about it earlier. Many people are crazy for MIUI, and this ROM is really promising. Its surprising that this thread is not so active. You are getting booploop? maybe your /system is not large enough? Just check for this possibility, and try a 'full' wipe before install. By full I mean, also wipe /system, just to be sure.
  18. Installed normally. Full wipe, wiped /system. First boot took a long time. Flashing gapps not required. Default language ?russian?, no problems in changing it to english. USB Mass storage worked, USB tether worked. Did not check for USB debugging, rarely use it anyways. No Bootloop (obviously). No reboot (in 13 hours of use). WiFi ad-hocs not recognized in scan. Everything else was fine. But I switched back to Konsta-Kang nandroid that I made.
  19. My screen sometimes refuses to turn on. I get messages, and calls which I can pick up blindly, because I know where to swipe,.. but the screen doesn’t turn on, until I pull my battery out. P.S. Screen on animations: Checked.
  20. Right, when really do you need a landscape mode? Maybe browsing, reading PDF, viewing images etc? So, only when i need that, I rotate my screen, which is not very often.
  21. mid july is when the nexus 7 is to be released. How long after that the source is released, that we dont know. Maybe next day, maybe a week or a month, or maybe even before that. There have been no announcements regarding that.
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