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  1. Agreed. In my experience using manual brightness (and not necessarily the most dim level) gives more battery than with automatic brightness.
  2. +1 for the TIPs and suggestions. I will check if turning off auto rotation saves me some juice.
  3. and on the topic: If JB will work on our blades or not? Well, one noteworthy upgrade is called 'project butter', that has got all to do with making the OS smooth, anticipative, responsive etc.. etc.. basically Google has set it to 60 fps now with JB. Can our blade's hardware keep up? I hope it can. :)
  4. While you are using this ROM,.. can you please comment on AD-HOC support?
  5. If that is so,.. then this is BIG! This had been a problem with android WiFi since the beginning of time. Can anyone using this update verify if it is really that? I don't want to switch just to check for one feature.
  6. ad-hoc support? what exactly does it mean. Does it mean, what I think it means? :P
  7. Sometimes I don't get notifications for new text messages in the status bar, I only notice them unread when I open the messaging app. Anyone else? (Its not the launcher, I've noticed this with both nova and trebuchet)
  8. You just assumed that I am on windows -wrong. If it works for you, then I must check with other machine. Odd that before this, with CFX it was working fine. More info: When we connect the USB cable, we get two notifications: one for usb-debugging (if it is enabled) and other for mounting usb storage... right? Scene1: usb cable connected, I see both of these in notification tray. Scene2: I Use usb tethering, and then turn it off, I get only usb-debugging. Scene3: Disconnect the cable and reconnect, still I only get usb-debugging. Reboot phone, and there I can select USB storage once again. I dont see how it could be an issue with my machine (linux or windows; either, whatever)
  9. After using USB tethering, (turning it off) USB storage isn't available until a reboot.
  10. I'd like to read more about the ROM on the OP, like what works and what does not work. also a changelog will be appreciated. :)
  11. meanwhile, you people can also try the MIUI launcher, MIHOME ,... it got out recently. You can check it out here: Works with CFX and other ICS ROMs, and it is good.
  12. Top work! Glad to see your ICS-kang here. Just one question: Are you sure about 2mb /cache ? I have read tomG mention that it may cause some problems with PlayStore and ROM manager app.
  13. Is your phone sleeping? Use spare parts or Better battery stats to check for partial wave locks.
  14. YUP, asked many times before. The chances are slim, atleast in the near future as there are many tasks with much much higher priorities that CM team has to pay attention to. Plus getting FM to work with CM7 properly apparently took a lot of effort, so unless somebody thinks that getting FM is worth the hardwork, you won't have it.
  15. That only tells about how to compile CM on your machine,.. I think he wants to know about ROM development. I think somebody who actually develops a ROM will be able to answer this better, but for starters you must be knowing JAVA (and C) atleast so much that you can understand the source code and make your changes to it. Once you know the language, you can read the documentation by Google, it is well written, and will help you understand APPs and the Android itself. More you read, more you know. :) Good Luck! :)
  16. I don't blame him. Our country has so many flavours. I can very well imagine a man from my own colony when I read his posts ^_^
  17. ^read the thread. A flashable ZIP, with the fixed framework had been posted. Just try to look for it.
  18. No, that is not necessary. The toggle is (Force 2G only) <=> (Auto 2G/3G) so when you turn it off, it selects 3G automatically for you, but for some people like me, we get 2G in the auto mode. Therefore we need a option to "Force 3G only" , and it is available in CFX.
  19. the SRS panel is awesome! Had to tweak it a bit for my taste, but by far this is the best audio I've had with my phone. :)
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