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  1. Reboot fixed it for you ... :huh: I would still want to assert that it is because of a trojan, and since such events are very common among windows users, I would say it is only a coincidence if two ColdfusionX users have been affected by a trojan. If what i guessed is correct, then it is because of attributes getting changed, and not something to do with permissions. I cannot imagine how a ROM would mess up attributes of directories on sdcard, that too for only few users, while others dont report anything. B)
  2. I meant LNK, not INK. and this is really off-topic, your problem does not have anything to do with coldfusion (IMO). A easy google search would have helped you. Anyway, I'll tell you what I can. Probably a Trojan has changed the attributes of your directory to 'system protected'. That explains why you can not see them even with option for showing hidden files selected. Try this: * Win + r (for run) > cmd. * cd to the mounted usb storage. * 'dir -ah' If i am right, this should show you your missing directories. * Change the attributes back using 'attrib -r -a -s -h <path to missing directory here>' ; 'attrib -r -a -s -h *.*' for missing files. example: 'attrib -r -a -s -h x:\abc' Hope I helped.
  3. I bet you are on windows and it sounds like your sd card has been infected. Do you see .lnk files on your sdcard? (using phone's explorer) Try this on your windows: If your USB drive is x:\ , and lets say, you had a folder named 'abc' present there before going missing... Put 'x:\abc\' in your URL bar OR in run (win+r) and execute. Let me know if you are able to access your folder contents like this..
  4. MEDIAFIRE link for 04/07 update MD5sum: 81dcc5c5c5918f76da026938c0fcfb4d SHAsum: e7219f5d1158fb295c200c1d7dcb2dce49bf7b1e
  5. My reply might be too late for you, but for anyone who needs MF: MEDIAFIRE LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?iv99hc8jooc977v Most of the mirrors hosted on Uploadmirrors suck. It really sucks to download a file at only 125 KBps when you have a super high speed connection. Goo.im was great, and so is mediafire.
  6. I had been using ColdFusionX ICS since sometime now, but flashed CyanMobile today in morning, and my gosh it feels like my blade is on steroids! :lol: ,... Very fast and powerful, and so many more options to configure! Kernel 3.0 or not, but this ROM is amazing. Props to the developer and the CM team! :rolleyes:
  7. What app do you people use for USB-Tethering? I see there are some apps on GooglePlay such as clockworkMod tether, but the downside is, that they require you to install stuff on your computer aswell (network adapter, or whatever) Is there some solution that works as seamlessly, as the built in tether option? I have ArchLinux x86_64, if it matters. EDIT: I do realize that I could apps for WiFi tethering, but it drains battery unless plugged in. And if I have to plug it in anyways, then why not have it tethered via USB :lol:
  8. Ah! Finally. :rolleyes: So, Gallery and calculator are fixed? Nice to know that. But I am really eager to test if (3D) gaming performance matches GB with these drivers.. :unsure: Waiting for you to update.
  9. In the video you say that gallery does not work because you did stuff to it, well, the gallery seldom works even in the original ROM, mostly it does not work for me, and it is EGL related...
  10. installed without wipe and everything seems fine. camera working, BT working. I am waiting for the day when USB tether gets fixed, i have to use 3rd party apps for that. really appreciate your work! Thank you :)
  11. Unfortunately i cannot read this language. Even Google translate is not helping.
  12. download count 59, for the file which has not even been uploaded yet! :D :D funny..
  13. Reading about all this good stuff makes me want to try it. But I am not turning back from ICS now :D ..
  14. I do not own a blade 2. But did you try 'DooMLoRD's Easy Rooting Toolkit v4.0' ?
  15. Using this as my daily ROM since last week. Everything is fine. I still get reboots sometimes while: -Using gMaps. -Switching flight mode on/off -Messaging app stopped responding once, and a reboot followed soon afterwards. less than 5 reboots in 7 days, not bad. ;) Another thing, in gmaps, I get my location fix fine, but the direction fix takes much longer.. at times the blue arrow never appears and it stays as a blue dot. Had to walk longer in Delhi yesterday cuz of that! :D
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