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  1. microphone is not working in call for me On event of a incoming call, the process android.phone stops responding, and has to be closed same process stops responding on dialing a number. The call still connects though, and I can hear the other person speaking, but my voice is unheard by them -> microphone.
  2. I tested the ROM without GAPPS for an hour, and it was a good experience, in terms of smoothness and responsiveness. It got slower after flashing GAPPS? I could be wrong, or this is not a scientific observation, but I just felt so. I will continue to test this ROM, so far it is working fine and smooth. Loving MIUI. Will report issues later.
  3. I wanted to stress on two things: formatting /system before flashing ROM and formatting /data before flashing GAPPS. I dont understand how this could make it worse! If this is causing issues or boot loops, proabably GAPPS is not getting installed properly? Try diffrent gapps package?
  4. do Factory reset, data wipe. wipe cache. (format /data and /cache) format /system. <- this helps flash ROM reboot recovery wipe data flash GAPpS reboot phone. in DeV settings, you might want to limit background process to at most 2.
  5. Used this for 8 hours. Got only one reboot, so it is stable. It is smooth, that is,.. the animations and transitions are okay, but for general use it is not responsive at all, very slow. :( Unusually long boot times... but everything was working fine, unlike what people reported. Home key, market, etc etc ,.. everything worked for me fine. :)
  6. http://depositfiles.com/files/9iuaugspl http://hotfile.com/dl/136670931/bec714f/Gen1-to-Gen2-TPT-v10-stock.zip.html These are two mirrors for GEN2 v10 stock (210MB) TPT by wbaw.
  7. Yes, I wonder wouldnt it be nicer if tilal and burstam worked together?
  8. Had a freeze once after using for hour while using Talk, and it is smooth - yes. Feels great to have a smooth ICS rom running on blade! and since burstlam is still working on it, this will only get better and faster. :)
  9. OpenGL 2, mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?wxnjd2jhdcm2ad1 I have not tested it myself yet though.
  10. This thread here: http://www.mediafire.com/?1411a804may9b4q This is the stock recovery, which you can flash via CWM. But hold on! I must ask why you want this FTM mode? If you want to change GEN1<>GEN2 or if you want to re-partition your file system, TPT is the preferred way.
  11. You need to flash the stock revocery first. Look it up in blade forums.
  12. split into many small files and email( gmail 25MB limit ) to someone who could mirror?
  13. It is weird that your problem persists with another sdcard. I would recommend that for once last time you double check that your download is not corrupted. Check MD5 sums. and try with another sdcard. wbaw said: Well, if it still does not work, you have two more lifelines: fastboot and windows flashing tool. For fastboot, I am not quite sure if your device has been partitioned with the TPT script or your FS is stuck somewhere in between. Anyway, here is what i suggest: *Get USB drivers for fastboot mode. (If you cant find, I will try to look for you. But later) *Boot your blade into bootloader mode. (Remove the dir named 'image' from sdcard, and boot with vol(+) key pressed. Device should stop at green android. That is your bootloader) *Using fastboot, try to flash boot.img and recovery.img. Since we are not sure if you are GEN1 or GEN2, try both, and try to boot into CWM after that. Good luck with that. Otherwise, try the windows flashing tool. It wont try to try, as you have got nothing to lose. EDIT: I just read this thread. HPD has already suggested you this link: The fastboot method I mention is better described there.
  14. I'd like to point out something, In CM ROM control, we now have Power Saver options. Sweet? Yeah I also thought so. It automatically disables data/Wifi on screen off. Isn't it supposed to turn data back on, with screen on? cuz its not. Maybe this is the way this feature is intended to be, but I find it annoying to go all the way into my settings>mobile networks, just to turn data back on. There is a toggle for WiFi, but not for Data. Even the power control widget does not have Mobile data.
  15. No, coldfusion did not have any glitches. It just isnt stable enough for use, annoying random reboots.
  16. Tried the openGL test version, and must say it was smooth. But not stable. Got many glitches here and there, menus kept getting closed. And although it was smooth, it was choppy at the same time. Turned back to RC5.5.1, and it is all good and stable. But having felt the smoothess of openGL version and of cold fusion, this now feels very slow.
  17. I installed with 210 MB system partition. Trebuchet is giving me a hard time as already reported. App drawer just wont open. Trying to get NOVA atm. Most of the things are looking good. Smooth - yes. Screen rotation now works right (It didn't with RC5.x, i think) Also thumbnails for apps in the app switcher are now upright. And wait, my phone just rebooted while I was typing this down, it was supposed to be idle. Thank you for your effort! I love ICS :)
  18. All recent KANGs have been stable. You may choose from: targetBSP's vanilla KANG, Burgerz KANG, Burstlam's KANG (People are reporting issues with the ODEX version) Sej's KANG. All of these are working fine, some have CPU undervolting as well, you might want to try that out. I suggest you read 2 or 3 pages from here, backwards and you will find the builds I have mentioned. What do you mean by ROM space? partition? Well, no. You mentioned that yours is GEN2 by TPT. That should still be good. You just need to flash a newer build, preferably do a full wipe, and you are good to go. Not much of a hassle.
  19. Read this over here: http://www.addictivetips.com/mobile/what-is-odex-and-deodex-in-android-complete-guide/ And as already stated above, These links, both odex and normal, do not have CPU UV. So you dont have to worry about it being unstable.
  20. relax! Do you have fastboot enabled? If so,.. search for it, and flash CWM via fastboot. Do you have TPT enabled? If so, you can trying flashing another ROM with TPT. In case both fastboot and TPT are disabled, you will have to use windows flashing tool. your problem might be because stock ROM needs larger sized partition. Just guessing.
  21. Hello everyone! Ive been using blade for about a year now, but was very disturbed with the battery performance over past 4-5 months or so. On extremely low usage it used to touch 24hour mark, that too rarely. Normally with lightusage it was giving me about 18 hours, which was still usable as I could charge it everynight. :huh: To investigate the problem, I tried everything: Apps keep the phone awake? Installed no apps; no gapps. :unsure: Sync off, data off, lowest brightness. I made sure that the phone sleeps when the display is off, but still I lost about 20% battery overnight. :angry: Tried every ROM out there: CM, GSF, MMHMP, F&C etc.. same story everytime, with the majority battery usage was shown by OS. :huh: Was begenning to think that my battery is faulty. But last week I switched my network provider (from DOCOMO to AIRTEL, IN) and my battery is fantastic again! Like it should be. Giving me 30-36 hours with data and sync on with normal usage. :) Who could have thought that this could also be one of the battery drain cause! Funny thing is that in my region DOCOMO has much stronger signals than AIRTEL. Im a happy blade user once again! :D
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