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  1. I read about a workaround for preventing google from spoiling things up here: http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/htc-evo-4g/12461...-caller-id.html But still the resolution isnt good enough for full screen...
  2. Did a search on this, and found a thread mentioning exactly what i was thinking: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/24504-h...contact-photos/ There is a nice full screen caller ID in rocketDial, but the problem is that it uses a low res contact image, which doesnot look too good..
  3. You might also want to try battery calibration, in case you havent already done it.
  4. V5 Working great on my blade! but i also have the wifi issue, while connecting to a ad-hoc network of my laptop. Obtaining IP address , Disconnected > This loop goes on for ever, searched for it over the web, but couldnt find any working solution. Also tried the new wifi driver, but didnt help. Other than that Im loving it. Fantastic job! keep it up ;)
  5. Hello! I had CM 7.0.3 nightly 88 installed untill yesterday, and i had loads of apps installed. I was having problems with battery drainage, so i decided to try another rom, and keep it simple this time. I downloaded CM Green V4 naked, did a full wipe and installed it. On the first boot, I entered my google account details knowing it will bring in my contacts back,... It asked me to install apps from the market, i said later. ;) Alright, I came back after an hour and saw that it was downloading market apps in the background! 86 downloads running and a dozen already installed!! This is not what i wanted, and i couldnt find a way to cancel the download, opening the market seemed to be taking forever, so i just turned off the gprs data connection. Now the problem is, whenever i turn it back on, the download resumes! This is irritating! Am i missing some control/option that could cancel the download?
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