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  1. Notification LED always shows solid red while the phone is sleeping. It blinks green only while awake.

    Is this normal? Does it depend on hardware revisions?

    Is there any way to make it show a solid green while sleeping? (This was the default in previous ROMs (CM7 or stock).)


    I noticed this too. With CM9, the notification LED went green for messages, and red for missed calls. But right now, It is always either red, or it sometimes doesn't even turn on when I have a new message notification.

    Is logcat needed here?

  2. Been to ICS and JB, and now we are back to JB.

    Totally agree with you when you say that GB better suits out blade.

    I have a question though, regarding kernel. Does this one have undervolting? I remember my blade did not like undervolting. Since we are thriving to minimize battery drain, which one is better in your opinion? The stock ZTE .35 kernel, or the one built from ZTE sources?

  3. For other users who find the need to "Force 3G", here is a method I found somewhere on the internet.

    From your dialer, dial: *#*#4636#*#*

    Something with the title 'testing' will appear. Go into phone information, and there you will find the options:

    "GSM only"

    "WCDMA only"

    "WCDMA prefered"

    and so on..

    This is not the simplest way, but atleast it gets it done. Loving this ROM now :D

  4. My personal opinion is that this release is in total a better ROM than CM9 for our blades are right now. I dont care about camera recorder so that might be a bummer for some people...

    I feel no significant lag in using the device at all. Might be naive of me, but I kinda love this :)

    JB is smoother, but CM9 is definitely snappier.

    Another big factor in favour of CM9 is the battery life, my phone runs 1.5x longer with ICS.

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