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  1. So if im using ar6000/ar6002 I should use Type = csr_tegra? I dont have a *.psr file. I tried the ZTE Blade way of loading bt but it didnt work. Thanks for your help!!!!
  2. Hi ejtagle. I've been following your work for some time because of ar6000 wifi and bt. Im gonna try your libbt-vendor for my ar6000 bluetooth. Do I need to add anything to init.board.rc besides permissions? Is abtfilt necessary? In your libbt-vendor folder there is a conf folder for your csr_tegra. Should I use this conf with Type = hci? Thanks for your libs and work. Best regards
  3. Thanks for the info. I managed to change the mac to other static one by changing the caldata.bin.ar6102 in system/wifi/ with a file found in Slatedroid.com. I will try the WIFI_DRIVER_MODULE_ARG. best regards
  4. I hexedit ar6000.ko and saw it uses atheros
  5. You have to replace wlan0 to eth0 in android_source/system/netd/SoftapControllerATH.cpp and in android_source/hardware/libhardware_legacy/wifi/wifi.c search for ar6 and replace wlan0 with eth0 because they are for blade rom. as for the init.xxx.rc add in the file: # Wifi hotspot service hostapd /system/bin/logwrapper /system/bin/hostapd /data/misc/wifi/hostapd.conf group wifi inet socket wpa_athap0 dgram 660 wifi wifi disabled oneshot it should work
  6. Hi. I started using this ar6000.ko module in CM7 because it was the only one I could load with the kernel for u8160 rom. The other roms started using it after I made it load in U8160 kernel. The ar6000 driver in kernel U8160 from tas0s in just a test cause it wont load, its from blade rom. The module came from Cas_xp Froyo beta 10 from this Link but I think it was made by huawei sources because the atheros version is but the ar6000 compiled from ar6k sdk from codeaurora wont load. The original ar6000 sources from huawei work fine but the driver is old. To make hotstapd work you have to make some changes in android sources and have a hotstapd file in bin and hotstapd.conf in system/etc/wifi and add the hotstapd service in init.XXXX.rc best regards
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