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  1. I also have this personal problem. I can not boot the machine in any way. I've tried sending several SAPPIMG however, comes on radio and cell phone clears the screen and returns no more. Does anyone have any solution? The settings are: SAPPHIRE PVT 32A SHIP S-ON H HBOOT-1.76.0010 (SAPP10000) CPLD-12 RADIO- Jan 14 2010, 00:14:58 RUU
  2. TigTex, the problem is not software, but hardware. I'll be sending my smartphone ZTE Brazil to make the repair and put back when the news here and certainly the smartphone will operate normally with version 2.3.4. Português Brasileiro TigTex, o problema não é software, e sim hardware. Estarei enviando meu smartphone para a ZTE Brasil efetuar o reparo e quando retornar posto as novidades aqui e com certeza o smartphone irá funcionar normalmente com a versão 2.3.4.
  3. Nice ROM, all works, but cam not work yet! Please! Solution this problem with camera! =/ cya
  4. I'm downloading and updating. I will test and then post the result! TigTex, I am available if needed. OK? Add me on MSN: d[email protected] Thanks!
  5. Guys, does anyone know what it is for a white button that is near the battery of ZTE X850? It forced a reset?
  6. Oush ... Testing here and everything is working! The problem must be with your local network.
  7. TigTex, updated and everything working. Now expecting the update to fix the camera.
  8. Restore my rom original... I need Camera and restart manual any times is sucks... but, nice rom for testing and works perfectly... Waiting next update! =)
  9. No problem with WiFi... Working in DHCP or Static... Bad network in my work!
  10. Sorry TigTex... WiFi works on static IP... DHCP dont works... i'll test again in my home... how you solved the problem of camera? roll a fix? annexed here?
  11. wifi not works!!! any solution? my zte x850 (racer) from TIM Brazil!! waiting...
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