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  1. Sorry, "The one"? Your are wrong with that. Here is the source for ics: http://www.lg.com/global/support/opensource/opensource-detail.jsp?detailCustomerModelCode=LGSU660 Anyone with knownledge can compile it. Other talk is about modify it to p990. I lost my hope in modaco with this abandoned device. I don't see any work from modaco since about 1 year ago. We have to wait to ricardo to upload their modifies to github.
  2. ethansp

    CM9 My optimus 2x won't turn on

    Have you tried to connect it in download mode? Take battery off, push vol- and connect usb, then should turn on and show "Downloading" in the screen. Then, you can flash with smartflash following some of the hundreds guides on internet. Hope to help. Cya
  3. I don't want to mess up all your work. The original spotify app let you select where you want to put the data. First, you have to log out (if you are logged in) and then, in the login screen push option button and then select the route where you want to save it.
  4. The question is, what gingerbread release? V20e from this week?
  5. PAUL! what can share with us? Any news? In xda is sharing some info "Hell_97". The version he going to share is V21F with kernel GRJ22 (2.3.4 gingerbread) Im so anxious... xD
  6. Look the screenshoot of the guy. It says "android version: 2.2.2", then, it's not gb. It should be another developing line by the lg version numerating "v21".
  7. That official was reported as a leak. Now it's retreat. Waiting for Paul's info :D
  8. Yeah, it's right, i tried it today and it's working. Maybe i tried it before without full wipe.
  9. Even with that, can't make work the bluetooth a2dp and such more on the cm7 nightlies.... I've returned to stock rom by this, a2dp it's important for me, the first i test in every rom. And noone based on gingerbread work the a2dp...
  10. Thanks!, go to download and test. Full wipe o with dalvik wipe enough? (coming from gr1)
  11. Anyone tried the game "plants vs zombies"? (you cand find it on amazon store or other "usual stores" ;) ) I've it working on cm7 but with cm7 didnt work anything more important for me (bluetooth a2dp). Other games like angry birds works fine. I've tried in clean rom with full wipe but nothing change. For the rest, works fine, no issues with networking or audio. (622RIL). Thanks for the work paul!

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