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  1. Nopes. I checked the same sim in other handset too. The speeds have always been good on Vodafone in my area.
  2. I am facing slow speeds on GPRS with this rom. On the 2g networks GPRS is very slow, pages take ages to open. Can you please check on this?
  3. I think i found a kind of solution. I opened S2E and clicked all options on first page, application, app data, private apps, dalvik and restarted. Then i am able to install new apps from play store. Its not giving me insufficient storage message anymore, PERIOD.
  4. I am having exactly the same issue. I love this rom for its battery life, but this S2E problem is weird. I am unable to install even a 80kb application from playstore and it says insufficient storage.
  5. You must have selected artist and clicked on song. Go to songs and then click on the song in this list. Then it works perfectly.
  6. Hey Daemond The gallery force closing and Camera not booting up problem got solved on its own. I have no conclusion how it happened but i am more than happy. Battery life is also respectable and GPS signal is also good. Million thanks to you. The rom just takes a bit toll on the RAM, depletes the poor 512mb ram quickly on many instances. For example after a while typing in Whatts App messenger gets laggy.
  7. Thanks for this beautiful rom and your hard work. 1. The camera takes ages to boot up and gives a message Gallery loading force close. 2. The gallery itself takes ages to show up folders and pictures in it. I guess the camera problem is also associated with this Gallery issue which renders the camera useless. Any idea why this is happening or if i am missing something?
  8. Where is that version. I simply love mokee for its smoothness and battery life.
  9. Thanks Friend. Battery life indeed bettered up. but the internet connection over wifi hotspot is slower now. Edit- speed back to life again. seems it was just a co-incidence with internet speed dropping and me updating the kernel.
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