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  1. Hi! I'm brand new to this forum und I became a a premium member. So I baked a FR18 ROM. So on, so good: Very nice ROM!! My launcher is the launcher pro and I'm using the 1035.21_20110502 Baseband. I've installed the ROM with the Clockword Mod (CWM R1) in following order: 1) Baseband 2) FR18 ROM Now everything seemed to be good but I recognized a BIG BATTERY DRAIN! The battery dropped from 45% to 2% in less than 3 hours WITHOUT usage!! At the moment I'm charging my LGOS and I want to do a battery wipe when it will reach the 100%. Does anyone has an idea what I can do? Should I flash the ROM again? (Fail: I read that I have to wipe BEFORE flashing the ROM; I think I did a full wipe after flashing the ROM - does that caus the problem?) Greetings
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