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  1. Just installed this rom, works great. I was hoping that it would allow me to use my OTG cable (and my usb keyboard), but no joy. Anyone had any luck with OTG on this rom?
  2. Hi. I have a ZTE Blade running cyanogen, and can mount my NFS shares perfectly (3TB media server). However, I am trying to set it up on my gf's rooted Desire HD (same cyanogen) but it doesn't want to work. It looks like I need to recompile NFS into the kernel, Any ideas? Does anyone have NFS shares mounting on their Desire HD? BTW I do not want Samba sharing etc as my setup is exclusively NFS. Thanks.
  3. Just a quick one to say that using gscript lite I now have 1 click mounting of my remote NFS media shares (couple o' terrabytes)! All works great. :) Thanks again Thailandian.
  4. I can confirm this works! Many thanks Thailandian.
  5. The two apps: mount manager, cifs manger both say they can handle nfs shares, but no luck yet. I'll stick with it and try and get it working. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Do'h. Yeah, I tried sudo. Guess I should've thought of that one. I will test out a few more different things, see if anything works. I gave up setting up Samba sharing, cos I thought NFS was easier. :P
  7. Hmm. Just tried cifsmanager and mountmanager and neither want to mount the nfs share. I tried anongid=1000 Back to being stumped.
  8. Hmm tried various options. Keep getting permission denied (are you root). Do I need to superuser the terminal app on the blade? It takes 5 minutes to set up NFS on ubuntu. Not so much on my blade. :P I will try a few more things.
  9. Oooooo. All new stuff. I will give it a go. :P Thanks.
  10. I have nfs shares set up for 3 different ubuntu boxes in my house (three clients accessing my 3x2TB Raid array). I just added in the blade IP to /etc/exports and restarted the NFS service, as I would do with any other NFS client wanting to access my media shares. I need to do more than this? Thanks for all the helping, btw. :P
  11. Okay. This is a little above my comprehension, but I'm willing to learn. What's the next step? Didn't work: Permission denied. Are you root?
  12. Hey t0mm13b. Thanks for those instructions: So. Does that mean NFS is in the kernel?
  13. That's a good question. I suppose you mean my Blade CM7 nightly 79 kernel (not my linux kernel on the media server). If so, the answer is, I haven't the foggiest. If so, do I need to recompile the kernel (on the blade)? :P
  14. But I don't want to copy to my blade. I want to mount the share locally and access it as THOUGH it were on the blade. This is the beauty of NFS. It works so easily in linux, but android has me stumped... Thanks for the suggestions though. Oh and I have tried researching this question for quite some time before I asked here. I just thought somebody might have NFS mounted locally and could tell me what to do! :P
  15. Yeah, I have tried that. But I am not using Samba, I use NFS. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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