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  1. Willimaese

    Unstable phone GSM signal

    +1 same problem here
  2. Willimaese

    Gr5 release

    thanks paul!
  3. Willimaese

    LG: No ICS upgrade for the LG Optimus 2X

    This is my first and last lg phone. Why do we want a nice hardware if Lg doesn't give the proper software to use it?
  4. BUGS I found: - a lot of signas problems - the clock doesn't actualize properly when the phone is in sleep mode. That means that sometimes the alarm doesn't work... it's a very bad bug!
  5. Thank you very much! It solved my bootloop problem!
  6. I'm trying to install the gr4 with stock kernel and I get stucked in the lg logo and it appears and disappears and nothing more happens.... it's the first time something like this happens to me, i did everything as always, wipe etc. help? oh! and the instalation time of the rom was too short I think...
  7. Thank you Paul! I've been using your gingerbread rom since you released it, with the 725 baseband, neoblaze kernel ext4 and no bugs for the time being!! All runing smooth
  8. experiencing that the connection symbols in the header switch from gray to green even though everything is working fine... +1
  9. Paul it's being so long since you gave us some news... we are all waiting for the gr3, please let us know how are you going! thanks!
  10. no... i think Paul is working on the Galaxy SII these days... i hope he will finish the gingerbread rom for de 2x some day. PAul we miss you!

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