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  1. Hi KonstaT !!!! Can you tell me, do you have to install the stock kernal addon after the rom. With thanks Mickr
  2. I have gingerbread stir-fry b27 gen 2 installed at momment but would like to try this . What steps do I have to take to install this. With thanks Mickr
  3. 10.2 Flytouch3 superpad 3 Does anybody have one of these are they any good With thanks Mickr
  4. Its a great pity the gsf thread as been removed, alot of members liked this rom and were grateful for the time put in by wbah to make it one of the best so far for the phone. The back biteing still seem to be going on which does not benifit anybody.Does anybody Know if Wbah is amember of any other forum Mickr
  5. The only real loosers out of this situation are the members , who do not have the knowledge to write roms but rely on others good will to help them with there hobby. I cant help but think that if the posts had been monitored and edited if necassery that this situation would not have happened. The idea of the forum is to help each other not get personal towards each other. Locking topics so that only a few have a say also does not help.This is just my opion and is not aimed at ant person With thanks Mickr
  6. The sim tool kit app appears to disappeared from my apps menu . Can any body tell me how to get it back or reinstall it. with thanks Mickr
  7. I have removed google calendar by misstake is there any way I can re install it, as I dont seem to be able to find it seperatly with thanks Mickr
  8. upgraded to gen2 and installed flb gen2 lite all working o\k but cannot now access live wallpapers . not showing in wallpaper menu. Anybody got any ideas with thanks mickr
  9. O\k thanks for your help now done and theme installed with thanks Mickr
  10. Have tryed this using recovery manager . It keeps saying currently installed recovery Unrecognised
  11. I converted from gen1 to gen2 and installed FLB gen2 lite. All went o\k and phone works o\k. I have been trying to install the blue gingerbread theme without success I have switched phone off and then turned back on with volume down button pressed but it will not go into clockwork recovery.It just boots up as normal. Is there anyway I can see if clockwork is still installed Mickr
  12. Can you remove orange set up wizard with out doing any harm with thanks mickr
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