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  1. Arey khan saab cha gaye hu aap <_< Thanks for sharing all the useful tips. I am sure i'll enjoy the rom to the full now - cheers
  2. This is by far the best ROM ever. However there is always room for improvement :P - Here is something I noticed. 1) Auto brightness doesnt work in bright conditions but u can always set the brightness manually. 2) battery drain is really high when using the phone - if not used, this is the best ever. 3) battery percent displayed isnt always correct. rebooting the phone displays the correct percent left. Again - this is the best ROM ever - thanks for all the great efforts. Cheers PTL
  3. OMG - I've got the same problem - mic doenst work - i received 1 call after loading thsi rom n the othe rparty couldnt hear but I blamed Three network - just tested with my home phone and can confirm the mic doesnt work - DAMN IT - i have to remove this till its fixed - Ahhhhh - such a nice rom it was :rolleyes: HHEHEHE - sorry mjy bad - i'll just put the update :P cheers
  4. Same here - SUPER EXCELLENT ROM - GREAT JOB - Bravo!!! :P
  5. Alright, after having tons of problems with 4pda version, i am back to Ricky's ROM. problems: End button doesnt work in call once screen gone to sleep keys too small n doesnt respond properly sometimes. rest is great - hope to get a fix for these probs soon:)
  6. I dont agree with that, the battery life is terrible, i left it at 49% last night - no apps running, now its running at 22%. regarding the apps, thats not the problem, its the profile names are in russian which cannot be changed. Also the keyboard does not have longpress numeric option. I am not saying its an improvement but I'd prefer ricky's ROM over it. Cheers Found Another BUG, open root explorer click any file properties, you see everything in Russian. how to fix that? cant even edit anything in this ROM :P
  7. OK just downloaded n installed - its not much different from Ricky's version - keyboard/screen is a little bit better but not a major diff. This has its own problems - like all of a sudden there 's red icon appear on the top left corner - in russian - the profiles are in russian only - no idea how to fix this - rest dont know - not a good idea to load this right now unless u know russian :P
  8. Does it require full wipe or anything? or just install zip from CWM as an update? Has anyone tried it yet? any updates? Cheers
  9. WIFI not working for me either - stuck at obtaining ip !!! - any update please? cheers - GREAT WORK though - screen is very responsive n animations looks better than previous. cheers
  10. yippy - i figured out myself - hehehe here is what I figured. 1) download android SDK from here http://developer.htc.com/google-io-device.html - install it 2) download fastboot.exe and copy in program files/android/platform tools directory - make sure it has adpwinapi.dll in that directory. 3) run cmd.exe in admin mode 4) goto the above mentioned directory 5) turn your phone off - take the battery off - put it back in - press power while holding the vol-up key - it should be stuk on green android sign now. 6) plugin the usb to your pc/laptop 7) run this command - from cmd prompt - fastboot -w thought i should share it with everyone cheers salz
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum but not to mobile phones though :P - I just installed Dolphin browser to my ZTE racer and it keeps crashing the launcher eversince. The phone is not rooted neither it has recovery installed. I am just wondering what's the best way to wipe the phone and install new ROM. At the moment, nothing is accessible and I cannot get to the settings menu to change/uninstall anything. I''d really appreciate any help.. I am new to this racer phone and dont know anything about how to access built in recoveries etc etc. Please help me:) Cheers
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