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  1. fifi139

    I think I've messed up...

    what ROM did u flash? Because I read somewhere that if u want to flash CM7, u must use Rom Manager's CWM and not Paul's CWM. But for MCR based ROMs, or stock ROM it's fine. yupe! nvflash saved my phone. Or you can use smartflash.
  2. fifi139

    Sorry for silly Newbie Question

    if u r sure that u have superuser access, that means when u run rom manager it asks to allow superuser, then u only need to wait for a few seconds after the screen shows. Then tap the 'flash cwm'. If fails, wait a bit longer than try again. Not sure why it happens, but i experienced it before. If still fails, then you need to flash it using smartflash. Find Paul's version of clockworkmod at this forum and follow the instructions.
  3. fifi139

    Sorry for silly Newbie Question

    it means your phone is not rooted yet. You have to root your phone, then for all apps that needs root access, you'll be given a chance to "allow root access".
  4. fifi139

    Help a newbie?

    you can start with this thread. I was really helped by this thread. It'll guide you in step-by-step way. http://android.modaco.com/topic/339391-sorry-for-silly-newbie-question/
  5. fifi139

    random reboots anyone?

    i used to have bsod, reboots etc. After i was using paul's mcr fr 18 and 19, i could enjoy my phone but if i did some intensive apps while charging, it always crashed. Now, I've been using v10d (SEA version) for almost a week, and boy what a difference. Now, it's rock-solid. While charging i use gps in the background, Opera, and playing graphic-intensive game and got my temp to 60 degree and low memory, and still doing great with no crashes. Only twice that Opera shut itself. But no crashes or reboots. Of course with so much apps running, my battery was still discharging eventhough i was charging it on the wall outlet with original charger. it's more responsive than iphone 4 but sometimes it just stutter, while iphone 4 is always constant and smooth and no stutter at all. I'm so happy with it. LG has nailed the problems with the latest asian version. EDIT: my version is v10d SEA (Indonesia) with baseband 622. It's the same version as Singapore's.
  6. Not sure, I believe it has something to do with RIL. It's actually trying to save power. I experience low WIFI signal (though never disconnected) when phone is sleeping w/o downloading anything. But after it wakes up in a few sec it's normal again. But then again, I also use Automatic Memory Killer which also tweaks battery usage.
  7. strange thing is, after i smartflashed and nandroid restored, RIL version stayed the same. In fact i was testing 614 from 622 (fr19), i smartflashed 614, then restored, it stayed 614 i/o 622. hmmm... then i used LG GetRIL to install 725 RIL, then I flashed 725 BB, restored nandroid (which was 614), and LG Get RIL and LG RIL version showed my RIL is still 725. MD5 checksum also confirms it is 725. That means, restoring nandroid didn't touch the RIL?
  8. actually u don't need to wipe the cache. And regarding he procedure, after u smartflash, make sure u start the phone it at least once, then restore nandroid. Usually u don't need to get the RIL again, because as far as i know nandroid backup doesn't backup RIL. But if using LG GetRIL and u get wrong RIL, u can always download and install RIL through this app. Mine is fine using this procedure. I didn't do any wipes.
  9. For RIL, use the LG Get RIL. You can download it from Android Market. Or follow this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1187681
  10. hmmm... looks like there's no update anymore unless LG released new kernel/ROM..
  11. i tried that but no. the new kernel still not recognized to be overclocked. maybe future update.
  12. i flashed the new kernel again, this time w/o sqlite patch. looks like a bit more stable. but quadrant benchmark is only 2400. before with prev kernel fr19 and sqlite patch i could get 2800. let's see if it's more stable.
  13. Too bad, my experience was the contrary. I had random boots and crashes more often than prev fr19 kernel. the phone crashed mre than 10 times after two days of usage. Before, it was only once a week I had a crash.
  14. couldn't stand it. my O2x keeps crashing after flashing new kernel. Even when not charging. I even full wiped and reflashed again eventhough I was coming from fr19. So, revert back to original kernel of fr19. Not sure what happens since many of you have flashed and are ok with that. My guess is because of TUN or something.
  15. Paul, I just flashed kitchen fr19 with new custom kernel. However, it seems it's more unstable than prev kernel. Now it's got more random crashes that I need to pull out the battery. Before, I was using fr19 and it was pretty stable. Only problem when charging and heavy usage. Is it because of the new kernel or because I flashed it without full wipe? I reckon since I was coming from fr19 (albeit diff kernel), I didn't need to wipe. is it correct? Thanks

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