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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. I have today, phoned the ONS to confirm the published date of 19 March 2013 for the February figure of 3.2%. This was the basis for the letters dated April 2013. So I apologise for my mistake. I also phoned T-Mobile today to cancel my contract early. I have had quite a hostile response from customer services representatives which makes me even more eager to see this through. I am now awaiting a call back froma manager. In the meantime, I think this fortunate mistake needs wider publicity - any suggestions?
  2. I'm afraid this is wrong. Your data shows the 12 month figure for February 2013. T-Mobile letters were issued in April, and refer to the 12 month RPI figure of 3.3% for March 2013. Below is a direct extract from the Office for National Statistics PDF: The RPI 12-month rate for March stood at 3.3%, meaning that it was 0.6 percentage points higher than it would have been had it used formulae that meet international standards. http://www.ons.gov.uk/ons/dcp171778_306185.pdf This means you and I (yes, this is the SECOND price hike I've suffered at the hands of this despicable company) will have a hard time convincing them of a right to cancel. The best bet is to do what I have done and told the managers at T-Mobile that at the end of the contract, I will NEVER be putting business their way again. The only way to send a message to these greedy corporates is to hit them in the wallet.
  3. StevieJ99

    Happy days with build 7 :-)

    I'd like to add to that too. With previous ROMS, I'd always be keen to try them in the knowledge that I'd return to modded stock 1.10 (just rooted and with market) when a show-stopper appeared. All the while, appreciating the amazing work you devs do for us. This ROM is different - it really IS a working solution. The lack of blue tooth is not a burning issue, and the front facing camera has always been useless anyway, since Skype only offers video on a select few phones. I decided to rebuild from scratch using modded stock v.2, using Titanium Backup to restore those configurations for apps that would be a pain to manually reconfigure, such as Pulse. I would also like to share that the VTL Launcher available on XDA Developers works pretty well with this build, even though it says "not suitable for Honeycomb". It's not perfect, but is easy to restart from the settings menu if it misbehaves.So I'm pretty happy too right now! So a big thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make my Vega the tablet I always knew it could be.

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