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  1. Oh well it didn't sell. Anyone who is interested, can have it for 8 quid including delivered in the UK.
  2. If you need to, you can copy it off your phone, turn off read only and then copy it back. Even though it won't let you delete, I think it lets you overwrite it, if I remember correctly.
  3. Scores are working again now. Ranked 54621 of 117291!!
  4. Is anyone managing to upload their scores?
  5. Well the two song limit problem is easy to fix. Once the song is downloaded use either a decent file browser like Resco Explorer or copy the song to your PC temporarily and change the properties to read only. Now you can download another two and repeat.
  6. It recognizes the number keys as well. 1,4 or 7 for the 1st button 2,5 or 8 for the 2nd button 3,6 or 9 for the 3rd button Very handy for people with fat fingers it doesn't matter if you press any or all of the keys for the corresponding string. The only thing that is annoying me is that it will only download a couple of songs at a time. If you download a third one it deletes the first one to save space. That’s fine but if you haven’t got an unlimited data contract it’s going to be really annoying. It runs well on my HTC S730, not quite as well as the youtube clip but almost. It works well in portrait or landscape. It’s a bit too easy on the songs I’ve tried so far. I just got 97% on expert on my second go. I would still highly recommend it. I think it’s probably the best game I’ve got at the moment.
  7. I don't know if I can wait for your comments before I buy it, I'll try. I'd like to know which keys it uses and if you can change them if they don't suit your phone.
  8. Mines terrible to. I don't use exchange though. I charge my battery all night then don't use my phone until lunch time when I watch about 30 minutes of a divx movie using Core Player. This always takes me down to one bar and it is quite often flat by the time I have finished work. Now I charge it all day at work and at night just to keep in charged.
  9. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=140222481176 I'm selling my unique G500 brodit mount if anyone is interested.
  10. Hi, Just got my S730 and yes I have the memory problem to. Is it possible to change the sound it makes when the keyboard opens and closes to one other then the included sounds. I found the perfect sword going shwing sound but can't do anything with it. Any ideas?
  11. Has anyone got this to work on a Toshiba G500?
  12. The mic is a bit echoy but I don't care. The only time I need a really clear mic is in the car and I have a handsfree kit for that.
  13. I've got one. Only had it for a week so far. I almost sent it back but I'm glad I have hung on to it. I only paid £85 deliverd for mine from Expansys which is another reason I have stuck with it. Things I like: The spec. The connection manager, which actually works like you expect it to. No IP settings needed for either of my static networks and the manager easity allows you to use 3G or wifi. Really simple setup to use as a USB or Wifi modem. Network settings included in cab files for O2, Orange, Tmobile and Vodaphone. Almost all of the software I had on my last phone work and the ones that don't are mostly cheap games. Battery life is better then my Qtek 8500. Build quality is great although a little chubby. No one else has one (almost). Things I had to solve: There is no brodit holder for this phone which is annoying but I modified my Qtek 8500 one and it fits perfectly (25 minutes). Tomtom dosen't work, but Garmin XT does and is on £50 so I think I'm, going to treat myself to a copy. The camera loses it's settings but the defaults can me easily modified in the registry. There is no active slide function - Yes there is, just enable any key answering. Things I can live with: It's a bit fat, who cares, it's cool. If I got a more expensive thinner one I'd have to keep it in a case. I broke my last two Qtek 8500s and have never broken a pda or smartphone before. Keypad is a bit clumbsy. It takes a firm press which messes up quick typing but that's about it. There is no dedicated Modaco section. Toshiba tech support. I don't think I'm going to need to call them again though as everything I wanted to get working is now working. No updates, but I don't have the time for updating the software more often then my phone upgrades. It always takes to long to find out what has stopped working and try and find fixes.
  14. Well I just upgraded my qtek 8500 to a G500 and I'm actually really pleased with it. Apart from the keypad which I am getting used to already, it is a great bit of kit for the money (£85 delivery with warantee from Expansys clearance) However when I load tomtom I get a gwes.exe error and it crashes out, does anyone know how to fix this?
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