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    MILESTONE 2.1 update and root guide

    hello i think i may have bricked my phone. at first, i tried rooting and it worked. but not as i hoped. im using motorola milestone from starhub singapore. used the STAR_36_GOT_SERVICE and OR-GOTmod_v1.04a from GOT to do what i needed, even managed to push the cpu up to 800mhz. problem is after booting, the android OS kept giving force close messages. i tried reflashing again with a different rom this time. used the SHOLS_U2_05.26.4_SIGNED_UCASHLSMR2EMEAB1B806E.0R_PDS003_USAMS1FRYORTSEA_P013_A00 _HWp2a_WIG145030_Service1FF.sbf this time it hung on the rsdlite for about 2 hrs and i just plugged it out. after which when i boot up the phone it now shows bootloader 90.78 code corrupt battery low cannot program the battery low and cannot program errors are flashing. i tried leaving it to charge overnight via direct a/c charger then the next morning trying to get to the boot loader by holding down X on the keyboard then the power button but after i let go of the x, then the power button the same screen still shows! i do not get the triangle with an exclamation mark within it anymore! i noticed that when i charged it direct to A/C the led near the usb port did not light up. but when i plugged it into the usb port on my laptop, it did. am now leaving the phone to charge via usb. its now 10.43am. hopefully i do not get that problem again tonight when i try again after dinner. Can anyone please help me on this matter? Thanks im using motorola milestone from starhub singapore.

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