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  1. Here is a protip: As of R1, do NOT use LBE Privacy Guard. It makes the phone unusable. If you do install LBE Privacy Guard and find this out the hard way, hold power to bring up the power off menu, long press on "Reboot" and say "Yes" when it asks to boot to safe mode. Then uninstall LBE as normal.
  2. Why are you making such a fuss about it then?
  3. He said it is coming. That is all. He was making you aware of the situation, before anyone complains he is releasing 9 and not 10. What did he get in return? Complaints. If you want any more detail, I suggest you read the post you quoted again. I am waiting for a release just like anyone else. Until then, I still have a functioning device that I can use, and have used on a daily basis for 5 months. "Patience is a virtue."
  4. And this is why you have no release yet. As a personal friend of Daz, I can tell you he is stickler for quality. If he does it, it's done properly. You want to know why there are no ETA's and no releases? It is not done. If it is not in a state that Daz is happy with, he is not going to release it for mass consumption. As previously stated in this thread, there is an IRC channel where builds will probably provided if you are aware that there will be issues and are willing to put up with them and report them. It isn't rocket science. Mentions of "holding it back" make it sound like he has it done, just is refusing to give it to anyone, when this is not the case. It just isnt ready yet. If you dont want to pay for something you dont currently have, dont donate until it has been released for public consumption. It's as simple as that. Its your money, it's entirely voluntary. Making demands is going to do precisely nothing.
  5. It's also worth noting sometimes the default storage location swaps to the internal storage on its own, so its worth checking. To change default storage location, go to Settings > Storage and tap Default Storage Location
  6. That can't be it. I've formatted my SD several times since having a B9xx build and have always had this issue.
  7. Guys, I dont mean to sound off, but can we please stop posting threads about other phones to the G300 forum? I browse here to check up on the status of a phone I already own, not one that may/may not release, may/may not get support from whatever ROM, and may/may not be in my price range. There are general forums for this kinda thing...
  8. There is a reason this happens. The phone keeps changing its default storage location to the internal storage instead of the SD card, and this is a symptom of the problem. It's looking on the internal storage for your ringtones, and of course, theyre not there (even though theyre still select-able in the menu), so it changes back to default. A workaround for the ringtone change this causes is to put them on both the SD and internal storage, but this doesnt solve the problem for when you want to use apps like Titanium Backup, that save files to your storage location. To make it even worse, it's not even consistent. Sometimes it changes on reboot, sometime it doesnt. Make sure your default storage location is your SD, change your ringtones, and then reboot your phone, you may find this happens. It's really irritating, and I havent found a fix for it yet. This is likely a problem with 934 and is hopefully fixed in later stock builds (if they exist) and hopefully doesnt occur in CM.
  9. As far as I'm concerned, you're doing something wrong if you feel the need to install an anti-malware app. If you review permissions, and dont sideload anything/everything you'll be fine. If you expressed a need to use LBE Privacy Guard, I would understand, because I use it myself, but anti-malware is just silly, IMO.
  10. Question: I notice that menus that are activated by the menu button are displayed in-app, instead of being hidden as normal for a device that has a menu button. Is there a way to change this?
  11. I'm having this issue too. I have tried using Infusion to solve the problem, but so far it hasn't worked.
  12. Your APN settings are wrong. To fix them, click here, enter your mobile number, specify that your phone is a Huawei U8820 (It will still work, just tested it), then choose what you're having problems with. You'll be sent the relevant settings via SMS. When asked for a PIN, see the number the website gives you, and enter that.
  13. Yes, and yes. If you're already with Vodafone, they can apply the top-up to your existing number, if not, they'll give you a new SIM, ask what FreeBeez rewards you want, and then give you the new SIM separately.
  14. I'll ask again seeing as my post seems to have been overshadowed... Anyone else having problems with using the volume rocker to wake the phone after enabling it (In Settings > Display)? For me it works two or three times after enabling it, but never again afterwards...
  15. Does anyone else have a problem using the volume rocker to wake the phone on the latest build? I have it enabled and it seems to work 2/3 times after enabling it, but after that it doesnt work at all. Tried pressing both buttons, it just doesnt work. Can anyone reproduce this?
  16. I own a ZTE Blade Random fact, if it has a battery, and a screen, I want it.
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