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  1. Use Links2SD to move the apps that won't move to the SD card. You first have to partition the SD card for app storage, but once it's set up properly (there are various posts on this site explaining how to use Links2SD) you can move the entire app to the SD card, regardless of whether it's supported or not. Whereas the builtin apps2sd copies certain files over, Links2sd transfers the entire app along with all related files to the SD card, and places a 'shortcut' on the internal storage which refers to the SD card whenever the app is launched. I've used it to install large games onto my SD card with very little fuss.
  2. Viewcomb looked pretty good, except I kept getting the "Starting Fastboot USB download protocol" error. Although I do prefer the 5-row launcher from Viewcomb so I just patched that into Vegacomb 3.2.
  3. I'm aware that Honey Ice is more of an addition to Vegacomb 3.2 than a rom in it's own right, but I've heard from some people that It's better and others that it's pretty buggy and this seems to be the only place I ever get a straight answer to something. Is it worth installing Honey Ice? (Currently using 3.2)
  4. I recently discovered Jaxtrsms (currently in beta) which claims to send and receive SMS for free. However when trying to sign up I get the error "Unable to connect to server, please check internet connectivity". I'm certainly online, and the website server isn't down because the website is still up. Has anyone else tried this or had similar problems? Running Vegacomb 3.2 9B
  5. Personally I just convert DVDs to MPEGs using MPEGStreamclip, that way it only takes about three minutes per DVD and nothing is lost The only downside to this is that the files are the size of the DVD (usually 4.7gb / 8.5 gb) But I'd definitely reccoment MX Video player for playback , it's by far the best one I've used Also, it might be worth making a Nandroid of what you have now and then upgrading to Vegacomb 3.2 r9 and seeing what that's like
  6. I think what most appeals to me is that I can get new books the instant I finish the old ones, I have quite a lot of good ebooks already that I haven't read yet :P
  7. I've been really put off reading books on my Vega, but the updated Kindle app is pretty good at making reading a little easier on the eyes. I'm really tempted to get a Kindle too, since I read quite a lot. Do I need a Kindle? (P.s I know I don't *need* a kindle or a Vega, it's an expression)
  8. I'm not confused :P But I have assumed you mean DVD movie ISOs. I've always had all my movie ISOs on my Cyclone HD2 Media player, but it also functions as a NAS drive so I decided to try and stream some ISOs to the Vega. So far, I haven't found a way to play ISOs on the Vega, so I converted all the ISOs to MPG format and stream *those* over the network.
  9. I use MPEG Streamclip to convert ISO's to .MPG files, takes about 1 minute per ISO on my desktop and it's not exactly state of the art :P Doesn't re-encode the video, just extracts it into a format readable by the Vega (I use Vegacomb 3.2 9B Update 3 with MX Video Player) (Also, CIFS manager to mount the network drive) MPEG Streamclip (http://www.squared5....amclip-win.html)
  10. Ooooooh, the official one :o So obvious and yet the only thing I hadn't tried ;P I didn't expect the official one to ever support the vega considering Vegacomb isn't exactly official
  11. How exactly did you all get it working? I tried the modded apk and video wasn't even an option. I'm running Vegacomb 9b Update 2
  12. I don't think PC World are likely to exchange my Vega on account of Vegacomb not working properly, so I need to find something covered by the warranty that doesn't work due to the dodgy NAND. Any suggestions?
  13. I've seen the official Vega Folio case, and it seems quite sturdy and obviously it's specifically made for the Vega, but has anyone tried any 3rd party usb keyboard cases? Most of them look quite flimsy, but has anyone tried a Keyboard Case with their Vega?
  14. More of a workaround than a fix, but better than nothing. I'll get down to the point: The Vegacomb 3.2 builds install over bad blocks on the NAND, so reducing the size of the update zip means bad blocks can be more easily avoided or as newbe5 more accurately puts it: I managed to fix it on my Vega by opening the "VegaComb_HC3.2_Build8.1.zip" in 7-Zip, and deleting Bookstablet.apk and Maps.apk (directly within 7-Zip, don't unzip/rezip) Anyone else with the same problem find this to work?
  15. My monitor is 1366*768 and the actual post is pushed further down the page in line with the bottom of the sidebar http://gyazo.com/f2a...b2fc8a75f54.png It's not a huge thing, mostly I just wanted to make it known, but has anyone else had this? It disappears when I zoom out so I imagine it's a CSS problem.
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